Wednesday, March 23, 2016

~Run For L'Arche: Final Training Recap & Race Report~

The 5 Mile plan:

My last week of training leading up to the race didn't go as planned due to coming down with a cold/flu the week before. That's life though- you have to roll with the changes and trust the training you put in weeks prior.

Week #8 Recap:

Other than 1 Mile on the treadmill on Wednesday, I didn't workout or run at all the week leading up to the race on Saturday.

Needless to say, not quite how I wanted to go into race week but sometimes resting is better than forcing workouts when you need to recover.

I set out my clothes the night before the race. The weather forecast said it was going to be around 0C when I was supposed to be racing so I opted for a thin long sleeve shirt, my lululemon jacket which is double layered and long tights.

The race started out at Eau Claire which is one of my favourite places to do a race just because of the convenience. I was also happy that it had a later start (10:15am) which meant I got to sleep in!

A bunch of bloggers, including Leigh, Leslie, Ange, Jen and Crystal arranged to meet ahead of time- I was way more excited for this than the actual race due to my cold! We missed getting a photo with Jen and Crystal before they took off for their half marathon.

I also ran into a couple of my CHRR friends- it was good to catch up with them too. I definitely miss running with that crew.

After a quick stop at the bathroom, we headed outside. We took a couple pictures.

I was fiddling with my earphones and getting my music set up when the race started. Most disorganized start for me ever! I didn't even have my Garmin set up! I don't know why I was so concerned about my music- I didn't even end up listening to it the entire race.

Leslie and I had discussed running together earlier in the week. I'm so glad I had her to run with and keep my mind off my coughing. I hope it wasn't too annoying!

I tried to not have a goal for myself for the race given that I had a cold all week. I wanted to enjoy it and listen to my body.

Leslie and I chatted most of the way. We saw Ange ahead of us for the first half. Leigh was long gone. It was a familiar out and back route so no surprises along the way.

Just before the turn around we saw Leigh coming back. She looked strong. Somehow I missed Ange on the way back- she probably blew past us.

Just before half way I started to get too warm so the jacket came off. I had to tie it around my waist which is annoying. I should have worn a t shirt underneath- what was I thinking!?

Around 6K I started to feel tired and Leslie commented that she thought we had slowed down. Looking back, our last 2 10 minute intervals (we were doing 10 & 1s) were faster than the first 2 so I guess we really weren't slowing down! Our splits were fairly close so we did a good job of pacing ourselves.

After we crossed over the bridge at Memorial, I checked my watch and thought for sure the course was going to be short again. I was surprised to see we were right around 50 minutes so faster than I thought we would be.

I saw Leigh waiting for us at the finish line and she captured these pictures. Thanks Leigh!

Turns out the course wasn't short after all. We finished in 51:53 which I was pretty happy about given my endless coughing!

Even though I didn't reach my under 50 minutes time goal I had hoped to achieve when I started my training, I am happy with how I raced and most importantly, I had a lot of fun!

Post race photo

 New medal for the collection! Same as previous years, just a different year.

I enjoy the 5 Mile distance. It was a good distance to train for- not overly time consuming. I definitely want to see if I can get under 50 minutes so maybe I'll look for another 5 Mile race to add to my schedule. Plus there is always Run For L'Arche next year!


  1. Awesome job, especially being sick! Maybe next year I will run this race, I have never done a 5 mile distance race.

  2. You did great, especially considering you weren't feeling well! I've never done a 5-mile distance either but it sounds like a great distance!

  3. It's too bad you were sick after working hard at training but you still had a great race. 5 miles is a nice distance to race.

  4. So speedy considering your were not feeling good!! :) Awesome job! I signed up for a 5 mile race in June, and reading this got me really excited for this distance!

  5. A very late comment, but good job on the race considering how you were feeling! It was a fun race and it was fun to see all of you girls :)

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