Wednesday, March 2, 2016

~Run For L'Arche: Training Recap Week #5~

The 5 Mile plan:

We are now in Race Month!

To recap my 5th week of training:

Monday: T25 was on the schedule but due to my cold/sleep deprivation I called a rest day.

Tuesday: I was supposed to do 2.5 miles but I probably only did 2 miles. I ran outside in the dark,  and almost ate the sidewalk when I tripped! Then I stupidly ran on a dark pathway which wasn't very smart since it was pitch black out. My Garmin died so I'm not sure of my time and I wanted to rush home to tuck Audrey into for bed.

Wednesday: T25 Rip'T Up. My legs were sore from recent runs so I focused on upper body instead. It was a good workout. I'm starting to notice definition on my upper body so that's reassuring!

Thursday: Another gorgeous day so I did my 2m run outside with the kids in the chariot, in a t-shirt and capris!
3.22km, average pace 6:15min/km. Not bad!

Friday: T25 pyramid workout. I love this one!
I also ended with 3 planks: 45 seconds, 1:00 min, 1:30 min. If I remember, I am going to start doing planks after all my workouts. Work that core!

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: The plan called for a 4 mile long run. I took an unfamiliar route so I ended up going farther but that's ok. It was a great run and a pretty good pace. It was a bit chilly out and so windy!

7.12km 6:40/km average pace

No runs on the treadmill this week!! I'm pretty excited about that! I'm enjoying my runs again! 
Less than 3 weeks till race day!

Do you run in the dark? 

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  1. Nice job on the workouts last week! You ran pretty fast while pushing the kids in the stroller- I'm impressed :)


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