Tuesday, March 8, 2016

~Run For L'Arche: Training Recap Week # 6~

The 5 Mile plan:

The race is less than 2 weeks away!! Are you signed up? If you have been affected by the recent lay offs and you want to run the race, your registration is free!!! Email dtod@larchecalgary.org for the discount code.
Let's take a look at how Week #6 of training went:

Monday: ended up being a rest day since I was so tired after work and was going out after dinner for Bachelor night.
Tuesday: 3 mile run. Ran 4.86km, 6:36/km. Bit slower than I'd like. I switched up my route and ran more uphill but I still need to be more mindful of my speed.

Wednesday: Rest day. I had birthday dinner plans with a friend so I didn't have enough time to get my workout in plus get ready again. 

Thursday: Schedule called for 2 miles. I ran 3.78km, 6:18min/km. Much better pace this time! I took Leigh's advice of running faster in the dark and I think it helped!

Friday: T25 Extreme Circuit. It's a pretty good workout! I've also started doing a Pushup Challenge this month. I still do them on my knees and it's still harddddd but I know with this challenge they will get easier as I get stronger.

Apparently I grunt when doing pushups because Leo comes over, says "Mommy doing?" and starts doing his own pushups, grunting with every single one!

Saturday: Usually a rest day but since I had 2 rest days earlier in the week I was itching to get a workout in. I did T25 Speed 3.0. So hard! A billion burpees! I can barely keep up and the sweat is just dripping off me!

Sunday: Plan was for 4 miles. I met up with a friend which was a nice break from running on my own. Our runs always go by so quickly. We ran 7.3km, 6:45min/km, which is a km over what I was supposed to run but that's ok! 

Do you like burpees? What exercise do you love?

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