Thursday, March 3, 2016

~Three Things Thursday~

The work week sure flew by quickly for me! Glad RRSP season is behind us-- now to prepare for tax season! Can you tell I am excited?!?!!

1. Goodness, you know you have a "mama's boy" when you have to make videos of yourself talking to him for Daddy to play in the morning/evening to calm him down! I not-so-secretly love it but I know it's hard on Daddy when all Leo wants is mommy! Even the dayhome has said Leo is often grumpy and crying for me. Silly boy! Maybe I should send her the videos too...

2. I signed up for another race! Shoppers Drug Mart Run for Women in May. I convinced my sister and another friend to sign up. Hopefully our team will be the biggest in Canada again this year! Let me know if you want to join us- you get $5 off your registration. We like to dress up too!

Last year's race-- I'm voting for tutus again!

3. Yesterday, was my 1 year "Back to Work" anniversary (after my second maternity leave)! I can honestly say that it has been an AMAZING year! I love working part-time downtown and having my own business. The flexibility, and work-life balance has been such a positive experience for me and my family. I actually look forward to going to work (well, the 5am wakeups are still hard) and I love the time with the kids. I appreciate that our weekends aren't just about getting ready for the next work week and we can actually have time to do things together as a family, that aren't just errands.

I feel so lucky to be at this place since working full time after Audrey was a struggle and now I get the best of both worlds! I am proud of this anniversary because it's something to celebrate!


  1. That is too cute with the videos! love that you have found a great balance with work and family, it makes a huge difference to be happy in that sense. I am actually really sad about going on maternity leave right now but I am sure it will be fine once I am on leave and it is summer.

  2. I love that purple tutu! So cute.
    And happy 1 year back to work anniversary!

  3. That's so cute about the videos! Sometimes when I'm not home in the evenings to put Sully to bed, Jim says he starts singing this song that goes "mama's goooooone, mama's goooooone", haha! I told him he needs to get that on video!

    Congrats on the one year back to work anniversary! It sounds like you've found a great work-life balance. I couldn't ever imagine going back to work full-time, I just don't think I'm organized enough to - haha! - but sometimes I dream of finding the perfect part-time job!

  4. That's crazy that you've been back to work for a year already!

  5. It's cute when kids are attached to one parent, but can also be hard for both parents! The making of videos of you talking is a good idea though :)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Maybe I should try a video for Noah... His separation anxiety is at an all time high since Florida... This only makes me more nervous about leaving him when I have the baby, but luckily Grandma and Grandpa get back next week so we can start practicing leaving him! Can't believe how big the kiddos are getting!!

  7. I've always wanted to do the women's run! One day :)


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