Monday, March 7, 2016

~Weekend Recap~

Blink-- weekend over! So fast!

We were up to all kinds of fun- including playing in the fort!

Thursday we met up with Jen and Wes for a Zoo date. The weather has been exceptional so we had to take advantage. I'm sure winter will come in May so for now we will enjoy these unseasonably warm temps!

Tough to get a shot with all 3 of us in it!

We caught the penguin walk again! So fun! The baby wasn't out today.

The hippos were on land for a bit. Their size just amazes me- how do those little legs hold them up?

Both kids fell asleep in the car on the way home. Zoo-ing is hard work! Audrey slept for 2 hours, Leo slept for about 1.5 hours. My BFF came over in the afternoon with sweet Kali for a visit.

Leo was teaching Kali all about trains

This guy is just obsessed with his blanket. If he hurts himself, he cries for his blanket. If he is happy, he wants his blanket. It's cute except trying to pry it from hands to wash it was a bit hard!

Friday we met up with Brie and her little guy, Sully, at Flip Factory. Thankfully it was way less busy than last time we went so it was easier to watch the kids (who were always going in opposite directions).

My back was a bit sore (from working out) so I made us chiro appointments for after Flip Factory. Once we were all fixed up (the kids love their 'massages'), we went to Starbucks for lunch since we were getting close to Leo's nap time. I like their little bento boxes but they sure are expensive for what you get!

After nap, I caught this kid dragging the chair over to the counter to climb up and grab something. Excuse me, when did you get so big?? Maybe he will start making dinner soon...

Hubby was out at a function that evening so I took the kids for a walk/bike ride to the park after dinner to burn off some more energy.

It's all about the swings!

Saturday morning we all went to the grocery store together.

In case there was any confusion, this is Princess Audrey.

Leo loved holding my hand through the entire store- until he let go, ran away, fell and bumped his head. Boys!

We had a pretty low-key night. I caught up on more The Good Wife.

Sunday morning I met up with a friend for a run. Another friend was supposed to join us but she came down with a cold. We ran just over 7km. It was great to catch up with her since we hadn't been for a run together since before I did Las Vegas Half Marathon in November.

After my run, we went to Cabela's so hubby could get some chest waders for fly fishing. It was super boring for me but hubby found what he needed and the kids had fun!!

Trying on hats. Leo didn't want to try on the beaver tailed hat but he picked this lumberjack one! Audrey tried on the beaver tail but I wasn't fast enough to get a picture!

We went for a quick lunch and decided to check out some open houses.

I liked the first house but it has a north facing backyard which is horrible if you like to garden. I didn't like most of the second house, nothing in the third house and the fourth house was conditionally sold so we didn't go in.

We also drove by a few other houses that are for sale, but didn't have open houses. Still no major contenders right now. It's the never ending process...

I'm definitely looking forward to this upcoming weekend- my sister and I are going to Canmore for a spa weekend away! I am in major need of a massage!!


  1. I wish Avery would like the chiropractor again, she has hated it fort months and well I avoid it with her now since its not worth the screaming fit. Sigh.
    Jealous of your Canmore weekend, enjoy it!!!

  2. Ah! Your Canmore weekend will be so great!!

  3. Holy shit those houses look big and beautiful LOL!

    Sounds like a great weekend! I'm jealous of the Canmore weekend too!

  4. Noah will not hold my hand whatsoever!! Lol! Mr. Independent or too cool! Haha. But yes the chairs being moved to reach stuff is a constant! We took our bar stools away for a bit!! Hope you have a blast in Canmore!!

  5. You guys had a couple fun days! Glad the kids love the fort building kit :)

  6. We have a north facing backyard and I really love it! Our backyard doesn't bake in the summer which means we can actually enjoy being out there, and part of it always has some sun shining in it. And there are a ton of people beside us that have gardens - like serious gardens! Just sayin'.... ;)

    Your upcoming Canmore trip sounds awesome!!

    And yes - those bento boxes are so over priced!!

  7. Lots of friend dates! Haha. We had fun on Thursday :) we actually did some prelim house searching online yesterday...woof nothing I'm remotely interested in


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