Monday, March 14, 2016

~Weekend Recap~

Do the busy weekends ever end? I can't complain that we have lots going on since it is mostly fun stuff!

Wednesday night hubby and I looked at more houses while my mom watched the kids. We saw one contender but still aren't ready to put an offer in yet.

Hubby was quite impressed by this shelf of scotch in one house!

Thursday was another gorgeous, yet windy day so we ventured to the Zoo with my bestie and her baby.

Audrey asked so sweetly to wear her princess dress and crown. I couldn't say no! Plus if she wears her princess dress she has to act like a princess!

We watched the tiger training which is always entertaining.

Friday we had Leo's follow up Doctor's appointment. He wasn't wheezy anymore and she said he doesn't need the inhalers unless he gets sick again.

This outfit is on repeat!

After the doctors we went to the grocery store. Leo was less than impressed with something so it was a bit of a disastrous trip. Oh the screaming!

This picture is a bit deceiving- it was the one moment in the day that neither of them was mad at me! It definitely made leaving them for the night for my spa weekend with my sister a lot easier!

This was nap time... or rather "no nap time." Blasted 20 minute nap in the car ruined everything!

My sister picked me up after hubby got home and we headed to Canmore! It was our Christmas present to each other since spending time with one another with our crazy busy lives is far more what we want than "things".

These beautiful mountains are practically in our backyard!

There was a bit of confusion as to where we were staying, on my part! I thought it was a different resort but we quickly figured it out and all was good! We ended up not needing to leave the hotel, Silver Creek Lodge, the entire time because the restaurant recommendation, Wild Orchid (gluten free if that's your thing) a co-worker gave was actually in our hotel!

Enjoying Sangria!

We ordered a bunch of tapas and my sister thought she would be adventurous and try sushi again. She didn't like it so I had to eat this whole plate by myself. Stuffed! It was good!

After a delicious dinner and dessert, we went to the hot tub. We chatted with a few other people there and enjoyed the nice evening.

When we were thoroughly pruned, we headed back to our room for more wine and trash TV. Suddenly it was midnight and time for sleep!

Saturday morning we lounged around and had coffee and breakfast in our room. So relaxing!

We headed downstairs to the Bodhi Tree Spa which was lovely. We each had a massage which was so good, yet so painful on my lower half.

We had pedicures after and I went for BRIGHT pink! They are even brighter in person!

We enjoyed a yummy lunch and maple latte at Communitea before heading back home. The perfect end to a night away with my sister! Next time we will do two nights! Or a week...

Sunday morning was the time change and thankfully the kids were fairly easy on us. I however was starting to feel rough- my throat was hurting, my head ached and the cough started. We had some house showings booked so I sucked it up and we headed out.

Testing out selfies in the first house. I loved the counter top but after looking at this photo the tiles and counter top do not match! This house was not the winner (spoiler- so far none of them are the winner).

We looked at 4 houses in total- one is a definite contender but we are going to hold off on any offers, plus we want to see it again. The backyard is a tad small (but it is south facing). Pretty much everything else I love, except the price.

Plus there was a cute little park right by the cul de sac. Bonus points!

When we got home, Leo and I went for a nap. I didn't wake up until 7pm! Man I felt awful! I got up for some food and went back to bed.
I ended up not going to work today because I was still feeling sick. So the kids and I stayed home and had a TV day. Audrey's life was made and I napped on the couch while they watched Paw Patrol. Leo has a cold again so fingers crossed Audrey doesn't catch it. We seem to be healthy for 2 weeks before the next sickness invades our house.
Hoping the rest of the week is better! 


  1. I love Communitea! Glad you and your sister got away together :)
    Hope you feel better soon!
    We have a south facing backyard now too, I am hoping I like it in the summer, our other one was West facing and HOT. Our yard is a tad smaller now but our other one was huge which that is rare now with new houses.

  2. I know the exact hotel you stayed at. I've stayed there before and LOVED that restaurant. Glad you had a good night away with your sister!

  3. Busy weekend for you! Fun that you and your sister were able to get away together. Hope you are feeling better :)

  4. So awesome you got to get away with your sister like that! Smart idea instead of Christmas presents.

    Aren't 20 minute car naps the worst?! Most of the time Sully transfers well, but if he falls asleep for 20 minutes before we get somewhere, then he's done napping for the rest of the day. So frustrating.

    That scotch shelf is insane!!

  5. Ohh a contender!! Tell me more haha!! I think you need to take pics of these houses!!
    Ok is it just those shoes or are A's feet really that big?? Lol
    Glad Leo was feeling better!! Aside from the latest cold! Turns out Noah and I have a micro cold - it seems to be on its way out already with the help of essential oils!!
    I hate those days when you just don't mesh with the kids. Noah seems impossible on those days!!


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