Monday, March 21, 2016

~Weekend Recap~

Spring has arrived!! It does feel like spring has been here for awhile but there is something so special about winter officially being over- even if we still get winter-like weather for a bit longer.

Our last weekend of winter was a bit quieter than it has been, which was a welcomed break. Being sick the last week really rocked me so I was glad we took it easy.

Thursday we didn't have plans, since Leo and I were still coughing quite a bit. Some times the 'home' days are more challenging than when we go out. Both kids had their moments of being terrors.

Leo's sleep has been awful the last few weeks. Just when we think we are turning a corner, he throws us for a loop. His separation anxiety is at an all time high so it's been tough. He does not like going down for naps/bedtime, to the point where I have to either sit beside his crib or outside his door reassuring him that I am not leaving him for good. He doesn't transfer as well as before from the carseat to the crib so going out is stressful trying to be home and fed before nap time.

And the screaming-- he has found his voice and is not afraid to use it! Poor Audrey covers her ears half the time from his yelling.

Audrey for the most part was good, but she did get into a few things while I was dealing with Leo. Like colouring on the window with some markers. I'm just glad it wasn't the couch.

She also pulled out the playdoh and made a massive mess with that while I was trying to calm down a hysterical Leo. Poor girl tries to entertain herself! I think I need to put a lock on the closet with the craft supplies since there are so many "up" places that you can put things.

So Leo ended up not napping. Since we had dentist appointments in the afternoon, and dinner out afterwards, we left the house early so he would sleep in the car. Not shockingly, he passed out as soon as we turned off our street.

Audrey did so well at her check-up. She was nervous at first but then she got lost in the movie playing above her and let the dentist clean her teeth. She wasn't a fan of the fluoride though!

After Leo had a mini-check up (he kind of cooperated), we went for dinner. Let's just say that was a gong show! Leo was pretty good at first, but when the food arrived he lost his mind because he wanted an "apple-bar" aka granola bar. Of course I didn't have one on me so he was so mad. Needless to say, for the sake of the fellow customers and getting ourselves fed, we ran to the drugstore to get him some "apple-bars". He ate it up and then some dinner.

He was fine for a bit, until he was done his dessert and pushed it off the table before I could catch it. I wanted to hide under the table and die.

When it was time to leave, he screamed the entire walk back to the car, screaming for Daddy (who stayed behind to pay). So contrary!

Where was my Irish luck on St. Patrick's Day?

Not surprisingly, I needed a glass of wine when we got home. I tried to make it festive and green.

Friday started off A LOT better. It's amazing what sleep will do.

Audrey and Leo had fun playing "airplane" in this box.

We were going to go to a playgroup but the coughs were still lingering so I didn't want to get too close to people. Instead we went to the library-- where the kids coloured!

Leo enjoyed taking many books off the shelf, bringing them to me and sitting on the ground looking at them. Audrey picked a couple books and had me read them to her.

In general, everyone was a lot happier! Leo still fought his nap a bit but managed to sleep for a couple hours which always helps his mood. And mine...

When did he get so big-- sitting at his table eating his snack?

We had a quiet Friday evening. I probably did laundry and watched The Good Wife.

Saturday was the Run For L'Arche! I met up with a few bloggers before the race started. It was good to see everyone- I think I was most excited for the meet up than the actual race!

My cold was still lingering and I hadn't run/worked out almost all week. I'm so glad I was 'only' doing the 5 Mile because I pretty much coughed the entire time. Leslie and I ran together which was great. It really took my mind off how I felt (lungs were not keeping up to the legs), and how I was likely not going to have the race I had hoped if I was healthy.

We ended up having a great race together and I didn't even care that I didn't PR- at least the course wasn't short this year ;) I'll do a full recap of the race later this week.

After the race, I went home, quickly showered and changed to take Audrey to her dance class. Afterwards we ran some errands, which included a quick stop at Starbucks for a treat.

Audrey loves the cookie dough cake pops!

Hubby made a delicious rib dinner and we went for a nice walk/bike ride after dinner.

Sunday was a pretty lazy day. I slept in, Leo did not- thanks hubby!

It was the first day of spring so hubby and Audrey got to work doing some outdoor spring clean up.

I did some indoor spring cleaning in between checking on Leo while he struggled to nap again. He finally gave in though. Mom win! And no, he is not ready to stop napping. He is tired before them. A total mess when he misses them and his night sleep is a complete disaster on crappy-nap days.

Grandma and Grandpa N came back into town so we had a family dinner with them and to celebrate birthdays.

The kids were very excited to see them and play with all the toys at their house.

Leo and his cars...

Opening presents

We also celebrated hubby's birthday- which is today!

Happy Birthday to a great Daddy and husband! We love you a ton!

What are you most excited for this spring?


  1. I was so excited for Spring yesterday and now today it is snowing - boo!
    Is that your drink with the frog in it?!
    Running with someone is always better! If I am not trying to PR I always like to have a buddy. Or even when I want to PR too. I talk way too much though haha.
    Avery went through the I am not napping phase this winter but the last few weeks she is good again. At dayhome she always naps great unless another kid wakes her up.

  2. Days when kids don't nap and they really need to are tough! Amelia screamed when I put her down on Saturday, but she was so tired that I had to rock her for two minutes and she was out. She luckily transferred to her crib well. Audrey's necklace is pretty darn fancy! Is it one of yours? Great to see you on Saturday!

  3. Oh man, I'm sorry you're having such a rough time with Leo's sleep! That is not fun! Sully still needs a nap just as much as I need the break, haha. We have that same table and chairs and that's where Sully likes to eat his meals and snacks - it's so cute! Like a little man, except his feet don't reach the floor, lol.

    What are your husband and Audrey doing in the backyard?! Haha!

  4. Boo Leo for being a sleep disaster!! Luckily Noah hasn't done that part yet. Although he has good stall tactics these days haha. I soo fear those restaurant trips... Even when he loses it in the grocery store I want to hide haha. It's all these phases. Noah is doing the separation anxiety thing since Florida. Now that mikes parents are home, I'm starting to leave him more, which will hopefully help for when the baby comes. Poor guy! I hate seeing him soo upset. He calmed down quickly Saturday night, but tomorrow will be the true test when I leave him with Grandma alone for the first time in 7 weeks with no Grandpa haha. Such a grandpas boy! Hopefully these bits get over it quickly! Hope your hubby had a great birthday!!


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