Thursday, April 14, 2016

~My Orangetheory Fitness Experience~

Last weekend, I did my first Orangetheory Fitness workout! Brie had arranged a private group workout for a bunch of local (and area) bloggers. I have a few friends who do this workout regularly so I jumped at the chance to try it out. 

We went to the Seton location which was quite far from my house. We were all given a package with an Orangetheory Fitness workout towel, chapstick, key chain, sticker and name tag. 

We arrived early for the class so we could get our heart rate monitors set up and get a run down of what exactly we were getting ourselves into.

Kristen was our coach for the workout and she was awesome! So fun, motivating and friendly! I never felt intimidated.

She went through all the workouts. It was a lot of info since we had a treadmill workout, weights set and some time on the row machine. The workout changes every time so you don't know what the plan is until the day of.

The goal of the workout is to stay in the orange zone for 12-20 minutes of the 60 minute workout, which I did manage to do.  We had this good cheat sheet on the treadmill.

The 'Before' shot!

Everyone's heart rate is on the TV screen so you can watch where you are at. Even though you are in a group workout, it is individual because there are many things that affect our heart rate, even day to day.

Kristen kindly took photos for us during the session, including this sweet shot!

Even though I run a lot, I was worried about the treadmill portion. I don't do a lot of interval training and I am definitely more of an endurance runner than sprinter.

The run portion started off well. You do some intense sprints but then you get a walk break. The first half of the run was hard and I was really pushing myself. I was getting into the orange zone a lot. Then I started to feel light headed so I scaled it back. I definitely need to work on my speed and increasing the intensity.

After 28 or so minutes, we moved on to the weights portion of the class. We spent a bit of time on the rower as well but mostly were on the floor/bench with the weights.

The floor/bench portion was 2 different groups of exercises, with rowing in between each group of exercise.

1st round included bench hops, plank with leg lifts and chest press (I think).

The 2nd round included chest press, chest flys, pull ups on the TRX and back flys (I think?)

I didn't find the weights portion as intense but it was still a tough workout.

We ended on the row machine.

When we were done, I was amazed at how quickly the class went by, especially the 2nd half!! So fast!

We finished the workout with some stretching which was well deserved!

We reviewed our results which was pretty interesting. I ended up being in the blue more than I thought- I think I could have upped the intensity of the weights portion. 

The 'After' shot

My thoughts on Orangetheory Fitness? It's a fantastic workout!! It definitely pushed me harder than I ever would by myself on the treadmill. The group atmosphere was so fun and motivating. Heart rate monitor training is no joke and I can see the benefits of training with this method. 

I would love to do more Orangetheory classes. There is a location 5 minutes from me so I am going to see if I can add a weekly workout into my schedule. The classes are not cheap but that also keeps you from skipping them because you don't want to waste that money. 

I don't think I would only do Orangetheory classes- it might work for some people but I do like variety in my workouts. I also need a ton of flexibility since I am often working out with my kids or when they are sleeping. 

Have you tried Orangetheory Fitness? Do you like working out in a group?


  1. Looks like a fun and challenging workout! I wish we had something like that here, the downside to living in a smaller city ;)

  2. Great recap! I had fun working out with you! Definitely wish I could go more often.

  3. Awesome recap! I too had a hard time remembering what floor workouts we did lol! And I agree, it went by so quickly! I'd love to find a way to incorporate a weekly class as well!

  4. Such a fun class!! And fun to do it with friends for sure!

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