Monday, April 4, 2016

~Weekend Recap~

Well I see this year is just going to fly by. First quarter... I mean, March is over!

Any good April Fool's Day pranks to share? I came across a few funny ones online but nothing happened to me personally nor did I prank anyone.

Ok let's see if I can remember what we did recently since my brain seems to be getting everything all jumbled lately.

Thursday we had another day home interview. This is so stressful. Thankfully we have it figured out now.

It was a bit snowy/rainy after our interview so I figured it was a good opportunity to head to the mall to run some errands. Audrey desperately needs a new spring jacket- her current one is not going to last her much longer since she keeps growing! Do you think I can find anything in her size? Nope. Both kids need a few more summer clothes as well but they don't care about shopping so it's a struggle to get them through more than a couple stores.

I actually had decent luck at Children's Place for Audrey. I haven't shopped there much lately so I was glad to see they had a good selection of dresses and skirts for her. No spring jackets though...

She wanted all the headbands. Girl, why didn't you want to wear them when you were a baby and I had bought you a ton?

She really wanted the cat ears.

Leo has entered the "running" stage. I'm going to have to pull out the backpack and leash for him because it's annoying to go out in public with him.

During Leo's nap time Audrey melded together all the playdoh colours. She made a cradle and baby.

I'm usually not one for character clothing but Lindsey mentioned that she let's Avery wear character pjs. Genius idea! When I saw these Paw Patrol pjs for Audrey and Leo I had to get them. Their excitement was so worth it.

Leo was excited about the pjs but not about mamarazzi.

Friday morning we met Alison and Brie at Flip Factory with the kids. Since it was spring break it was a bit busier and I was running around like crazy after both these kids. Good workout for all!

I think my kids might be hoola hoop obsessed.

After a couple hours of playing, a snack was required.

Not surprisingly, Leo conked out in the car on the way home. He had a good nap, although he did wake up earlier since he fell asleep earlier. I didn't get my workout in though.

That night the kids went to Grandma and Grandpa's for a sleepover so hubby and I could have a date night.

The Juno-nominated jazz singer, Alex Pangman and band were playing at the Ranchmen's Club, where hubby is a member. They were ah-mazing!! Her voice was spectacular. The band was so so good. I could listen to jazz for days. It was an intimate setting which was a nice change from the big concerts I have been to recently.

I tried to get a photo of us but the lighting was off so here's an outfit shot instead. My feet were a bit sore about 2.5 hours of standing in these CL's.

After the show we had a delicious dinner at the Club. So much goodness in one meal! It was so great to have some alone time and actually be able to talk with one another.

Saturday morning hubby had a Doctor's appointment and then we hit up Ikea for Leo's new bed. It was a pretty quick trip since we didn't have our 2 minis running around in a million directions.

We checked out the lighting since I want to change the fixtures on our main floor. I've always disliked them but in 6 years never felt it necessary to spend money to change them. Now that we are going to move we are looking at switching them up. Totally makes sense...

We didn't end up buying anything but got a few ideas.

We picked up the kids, who barely missed us they were having so much fun! They got some car track so they were occupied for hours.

While Leo napped, I did my workout outside. I signed up for the April challenge that Sweats in the City is running. Leigh has done it in the past and I like a good challenge!

Smiling at the beginning of the wall sit...

I made some granola bars from a mix we got at Costco. They are pretty good- I'd definitely make them again.

Leo loves granola bars!

And trains...

Sunday I slept in till 8:30 which was nice! Hubby got right to tearing apart Leo's room to set up his new bed. We had to reconfigure his entire room to make the bed fit so while hubby thought it was going to be a 30 minute job, it was actually more like 2-3 hours!

Audrey likes to help

I made some coconut banana waffles from a friend's recipe which turned out pretty good. Both kids gobbled them down.

We hit up Costco which ended up being a very expensive trip. I don't even know what we bought... some water bottles, batteries and a bit of food?

Once Leo's room as together the kids had to try out the bed

Nap time was fairly successful. He was pretty excited about his new bed! I'll share my photos of his newly configured room in another post.

I snuck out for a 5K run. I stopped at Wal-mart to pick up a couple things- "running errands."  I dug out my camelbak to carry my purchases home. Once home, I did my workout from Sweats in the City.

We had Grandma and Grandpa over for dinner. They will be going back to Phoenix this week so had to take advantage of seeing them while they are here. 

Audrey loves playing cards!

 It was a good weekend- nice balance of family, friends and couple time! Now if only this spring cleaning would do itself! I have better things to do like enjoy this nice weather than clean!

Did you workout outside this weekend? 
Any suggestions on where I can find reasonably priced light fixtures?


  1. Nice weekend! We got ours from Carringtons when they had an insane sale- I think we only spent like $14 a light!!

  2. Fun weekend! Where is the Ranchman's club? I've never heard of it. Fun that you guys got to have a date night too :) How has Leo done in his big boy bed?

  3. What a busy (but fun!) weekend! I'm sad to say I did not get outside to workout this weekend. I can never seem to manage working out while we are away. It just doesn't happen, unless someone *forces* me to go to the gym with them or something! Haha. That concert sounds like a lot of fun! Intimate settings are so much nicer than huge arenas (in my opinion anyway!). You'll have to do a post on how you transitioned Leo to the big boy bed and how it went! :)


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