Monday, April 11, 2016

~Weekend Recap~

Pretty fun weekend has ended. Back to tax season reality. Man, I don't know how accountants do this season year after year!

Backing it up to last Wednesday... my Mom came over for dinner and a visit. It was good to see her and the kids were so EXCITED!

Leo's dogs were kissing...

Playing cards with Grandma- Audrey did not appreciate being called out on cheating. Not that she fully understands what cheating is.

Thursday we went to meet our sweet nephew/cousin- Lukas! He was born on Monday so he was only 3 days old. What a sweet little babe! He didn't help with the baby fever so I thoroughly soaked up those baby snuggles!

Big sister and cousin loving on Lukas

Leo had a slight outfit mishap so no pants it was! Not that he cared...

In the afternoon it was so lovely out we went for a run and visit to the park. Them kids are heavy! My upper body hasn't hurt that badly in awhile from pushing them uphill and then throughout the run.

Weeds... flowers... whatever

Friday we met up with some friends at the Zoo, along with every other stay-at-home mom and kids in the city! How could you not enjoy the Zoo when it was supposed to be 25C! It was chilly in the morning but it was gorgeous by noon.

This girl has turned into quite the fearless mountain goat!

We tried to see the baby gorilla but they have a lot of the viewing area blocked off so I didn't even catch a glimpse. This colourful Mandrill wasn't shy though!

After a great lunch outside by the playground we even managed to get a photo of the 4 kids!

The popsicle idea was not mine- I'm way too OCD (oh the mess!!) but once one Mom offers it, you can't exactly say no. Plus it was such a nice day and what's another set of clothes in the laundry...

He made a huge mess...

I was pretty bagged after the Zoo so while Leo napped, I chilled on the couch with Audrey and watched Paw Patrol.

My friend, A messaged to see if we had any evenings plans so we had an impromptu dinner at our house. The kids had fun playing together and the adults enjoyed some wine and good company. Sometimes the unplanned events are the best ones!

Saturday morning I slept in. Leo had a rough night so I slept in his bed most of the night with him. At 7am, Daddy took over and I caught a few more hours of sleep in my own bed.

In the late morning we headed to the Farmer's Market for coffee, lunch and some groceries.

In the afternoon, Alison picked me up and we went to Orangetheory Fitness to do a private group class with a bunch of other bloggers, organized by Brie. I'll do another post on the experience because it was worth noting but I will say it was a sweaty, fun, intense and a different workout! I definitely appreciate the atmosphere of working out in a group, especially THIS group of awesome women.

We had to re-fuel after that gruelling workout so most of us headed to Phoenix Grill in Shawnessy. I had been there a few times before, when we lived down south and it was far better than I remembered! The chicken and brie sandwich was delicious!

Thanks to Leigh for driving me home!

Sunday morning hubby needed some alone time to get working on some projects aka staining the fence. I had some errands to run so I hit up the mall with the kids, with bribery of the play area.

During Leo's nap time, Audrey wanted to paint.

I headed out for a short run since my legs felt pretty heavy after the previous day's workout. I managed 4K and did a Sweats in the City workout afterwards. My legs feel like jello!

That rounds up our weekend. 

What is your favourite animal to see at the Zoo? 
What is your favourite thing to do on the weekend?


  1. You had another fun and busy weekend :) Great to see you on Saturday. How did the painting of the fence go for J?

  2. Fun and busy weekend! It was good to see you!

  3. What a busy weekend! So glad you made it out on Saturday! I want to go back to that restaurant to get that sandwich lol!

  4. Busy weekend!! I can't wait to hear about the workout!


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