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~ SDM Run for Women 5K Report- May 15, 2016~

For a second year in a row I have done the Shoppers Drug Mart Run for Women 5K. I loved the race so much last year that I knew I had to sign up again, even though it was only a couple days after we came back from our NYC trip!

If it's coming to a city near you, you NEED to do it!!

Once again, I signed up as part of the CHRR Rebels team. Last year we were #1, I think this year we came in 2nd, even though we had more people this year. I managed to convince quite a few friends to sign up, including my sister and my niece!

The race shirt this year was great! I'm usually not a fan of most race shirts, but I will actually wear this one to workout in instead of being tucked into the corner of my closet.

The race is held at Edworthy Park which is one of my favourite places to run in the city. However, due to the lack of parking, it can be a bit of a logistical nightmare getting everyone to and from the race site.

Hubby decided that he would bring the bike and chariot down so he could bike with the kids. I didn't want to arrive too early (I like my sleep!) so the plan was for us to pick up my sister and niece at 8am (race started at 9:30am for the 5K) at the nearby mall where they left their car. We assumed there wouldn't be parking available at the race site so hubby was just going to drop us off and then he would find parking and bring the kids down on the bike.

Well we arrived at the parking lot at 8am and there was plenty of spots available! Turns out he didn't really need to bring the bikes after all.

When we arrived I quickly found Ange who was waiting in the sun since it was still chilly out. She was not hard to spot in her pink hat and sparkle skirt!

My sister, niece and I. It was my niece's first race!

Leo has been dealing with some separation anxiety so he needed to be in my arms for the first part of the morning.

And yes, he has a black eye. Boys!

I didn't sign the kids up for the Kids Run because I didn't think they would come down for it due to the above parking logistical nightmare/early morning. Maybe next year. Audrey was a bit disappointed that she didn't get to race!

Semicolon- symbol for mental health awareness.

Impressed at how much money we raised for women's mental health!

Photo time when Leslie arrived!

My sister and my niece ready to rock their 5K!

Background on my "costume" choice: the team decided to go with a Rosie the Riveter/Stampede Cowgirl theme. I wasn't impressed with the costume choice at first- I much preferred last year's tutu! However, after trying on my denim skirt it actually wasn't constricting at all. I already had the red bandana, and the red lip stick. On my own I felt silly dressed like this, but with the rest of the team it was fun! Some people just wore a bandana, others were full out in cut off shorts, and denim shirt.

I can honestly say it's the first time I've run in red lipstick (or probably lipstick at all) and a jean skirt!

My friend Kristy showed up just as the race was about to start!! She rocked the red lipstick and bandana!

For the actual race recap:

Last year I PR'd (28:53) but I wasn't sure I could beat that this year. While I have been running consistently, I have not been pushing myself. My goal was a sub 30 race which seemed fairly attainable.

This year I made sure to seed myself at the beginning of the 5K pack even though I generally don't consider myself a fast runner. From my experience last year, most of the 5Kers are walkers so I didn't want to get stuck behind them again.

The course was the same as last year- which is quite narrow at the start. I eased myself into it and didn't pass too many people until it spread out a bit more. Hubby and the kids were cheering me on just after the bridge on the pathway so that was nice!

Overall the race felt really good! In no time at all I was at the 3K turn around. I was starting to get a bit tired so I kept watching the racers coming up to see all the people I know. At one point a lady that I don't know said "Good pace!" and that really helped me continue on.

With 1K to go, I knew I was going to be well under my "sub 30" goal.

As I crossed back over the bridge, a spectator was telling the racers to pretend a bear was chasing them! She was growling and all. It was pretty funny!

At the bottom of the bridge I saw hubby and the kids waiting for me. The end was close!

Unfortunately, due to lack of volunteers, they didn't have anyone standing at the finishing chute to tell you to turn! I was pretty sure that I was supposed to but there wasn't anyone right ahead of me and I could see some runners ahead of me so I kept going. Someone shouted to me and a girl behind me to turn so I had to back track a couple steps.

This other girl and I were the only ones in the finishing chute. I could hear her right behind me but I couldn't let her beat me so I picked it up and crossed just before her.

I collected my bracelet, water and started dry heaving! I thought for sure I was going to lose my breakfast!

I ended up finishing in 29:14!! I was pretty happy about that!

KM 1- 6:07
KM 2- 5:32 (not sure how I was that fast since it didn't seem fast but I was pleased)
KM 3- 5:52
KM 4- 6:00
KM 5- ??

I'll have to come back and update my stats later but basically I wasn't very consistent with my splits! I need to work on that to PR my next 5K!

Ange and Leslie weren't far behind me!

My cheerleaders!!


So glad these 3 decided to come down and join me for the race!

My buddy Lynn and I!

My sister has been having back pain so decided to walk the 5K instead of run it, along with my niece. I am so incredibly proud of them for doing this.

My sister is such a good mom. She switched shoes with Olivia halfway through the race because her feet were hurting so much. Skater shoes aren't so supportive!

I'm happy there was a good park right by the festivities to keep the kids occupied while we ran and socialized. My brother-in-law joked that the race was 30 minutes of activity and 2 hours of talking, which is about right!

The CHRR Rebels team after the race (not all of us).


Another running buddy, Margaret! I haven't seen her in a couple years so it was good to briefly catch up!

I could have stayed longer to chat with more friends but we had to wrap it up to get Audrey ready for her dance photos.

Leo was exhausted from running around all morning! He fell asleep pretty quickly on the ride home and had a 4 hour nap!

Audrey wanted me to take her picture too- she was pretending to sleep!

Finisher's bracelet

On top of getting a race shirt, finisher's bracelet, a $10 SDM gift certificate for being one of the first 150 people to register on a team, we also got this amazing swag bag!! Probably has $40 worth of free products inside!

I know there were some complaints about lack of volunteers (a bunch of 10K racers didn't turn around at the 3K mark and ended up running too far) and the 10K course logistically isn't great since you end up catching up to all the 5K walkers but overall it for an amazing cause, pretty well run and so much swag!! The only thing that would make it better is a finisher's medal.
You can bet I'll be doing this race again next year! You should too! It was such a great time!


  1. Looks like an awesome race! Congrats on the sub 30 finish :)

  2. I'm sad I missed out this year. It's SUCH a fun race!!! I love your costume :)


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