Monday, May 30, 2016

~Week+ End Recap: Home and Away~

Just when we feel like life is getting back to normal after vacation and work craziness, something has to come up! The excitement is never ending around here!

Last Tuesday, Leo came down with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. Thankfully it was a super mild case, no fever and other than red bumps on his one arm and palm, he was barelybothered. Since it is a contagious virus, we kept him home from the dayhome on Wednesday after the walk-in Doctor confirmed what it was.

I felt bad since I had just come back from vacation, my boss has been on vacation when I first got back, plus it was a short week with Victoria Day on Monday!

I went into work for a few hours on Wednesday but the rest of my day was spent like this. Rough! After a long weekend of rain and snow, I was not complaining about doing some R+F work outside in the afternoon.

Seriously, this kid did not act or look sick! As inconvenient as it was to have to take time off work, I am glad the rash didn't affect him since I've heard it can be awful for some children.

On Thursday, we broke our quarantine to go to our Family Doctor's office to find out if we could attend a family wedding in Medicine Hat on the weekend. There is all sorts of conflicting info about how long you should quarantine kids for, when they are contagious, etc. The doctor said as long as his rash didn't get worse and he was feeling fine then he was fine to go to the wedding. Yay!

This kid and his cars! Wearing a Cars shirt, with additional cars stickers and holding cars. He was also car shopping in the parking lot- he wants a red mustang!

Since we weren't sure we would even be going, I didn't start packing for the weekend away until Friday. Packing for 4 people is no joke! Didn't I just do this??? Oh right- I did. I hate to complain but I hate packing!

It pretty much took the entire day for me to pack. Doesn't help when my little ones either un-pack as fast as I can pack OR get into my lipstick while I am preoccupied.

We hoped to get out of town by 5pm but hubby had some things come up at work last minute. We didn't leave until 5:45pm so we stopped for dinner right by our house before hitting the road. We finally hit the road by 7pm, after returning home once to pick up a forgotten bag!

Audrey slept for a couple hours but Leo kept himself away by babbling away. Needless to say he was a sleep deprived insane child by the time we rolled into Medicine Hat at 10pm!

Saturday morning, after meeting up with most of the family for breakfast (we were all staying in the same hotel), my sister-in-law and I went for a run. I was so glad to have good company and to not be pushing the kids in the Chariot! It was a beautiful morning that started sunny with a cool breeze and turned hot by the end of 9+km.

We ran along some residential areas and then onto a pathway through a ravine. It was a tad hilly. I didn't bring water so I was quite parched and had to walk a couple extra times to slow down my heart rate. It was such a good run though! L and I don't get to run together much but hopefully once we eventually move (closer to them) we will get more runs in.

The kids had a busy morning playing with the various Aunties, Uncles, cousins and Grandma & Grandpa.

Colouring while waiting for lunch makes it bearable for all!

Leo napped in the afternoon while I got ready in the hotel room. It was a bit of a rush to get everyone else ready since we had to wake Leo up from his nap early and he was not impressed. AKA screaming, refusing to change his clothes, wanting Mommy only, making us late...

After GPS sent us the wrong way a couple times, we made it to the wedding venue just in time!

It was a beautiful, intimate ceremony on a roof top terrace. There was a thundershower 2 hours before the ceremony which had everyone worried but the sun came out just in time!

Hubby's cousin is the bride.

The girls love their Uncle C!

Grandma and Grandpa with their grandchildren!

Uncle C and Auntie L are the favourites!

I brought a bag of tricks for the kids- colouring, puzzles, and a million cars for Leo. Once we were in the reception hall, they had a blast! At one point, all the children at the wedding were sitting at our table colouring or playing cars!

Leo wanted to match Mommy. Absolutely refused to wear his button down shirt and bow tie. At least he changed out of his fleece hoodie that he was melting in!

The gorgeous couple!

They had balloons to decide which table goes up first for food. Someone had to pop the balloon and inside was a task. The bride's parent's table (and my in-laws) had to play volleyball! The bride grew up playing volleyball competitively and coached so it was quite fitting.

It was hilarious!!

Audrey volunteered to pop a balloon for our table! It's hard! She ended up having to give the bride and groom some marriage advice- which was "kiss".

They had cookies and cupcakes tables. Leo helped himself to two at once and double fisted them! It was the funniest thing and fuelled him for the night!

The lovely Maid of Honour giving her speech to the bride, her sister.

The couple giving their speech. The Groom kept choking up and it was so sweet!

Audrey dancing with Uncle C

Bride and Groom dancing

Better late than never- we snuck in a family photo at the end of the night!

We ended up staying till about 9:30 which was way past everyone's bed time but so worth it. The kids had so much fun and it was so good to visit with all the family. It was the first wedding that Audrey and Leo have been to, except the ones Audrey went to when she was a baby.

Sunday we slept in a bit, and after checking out of the hotel, headed to the bride's parents' house for lunch. It was good to see everyone again and have a bit more time to visit.

The drive home went smoothly with both kids falling asleep before we left town. 

Such a fun weekend and I'm so glad we were able to go. We would have been pretty disappointed if we hadn't been able to go. 

Looking forward to an uneventful week now!!


  1. Poor Leo!!! Glad he isn't feeling too bad!!! Sounds like a fun weekend and wedding! Looks like everyone had fun!! Love the family pic!!! Hopefully your week is uneventful!!

  2. Poor Leo! That's awful but glad it wasn't too bad. Sounds like a super fun wedding. I LOVE weddings. We need to plan a date soon!


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