Wednesday, June 29, 2016

~Frock Box #2~

I received my 2nd Frock Box this month! I was not expecting it at all so it was a pleasant surprise in the mail!

So what did I get?

Item #1- Black Maxi Dress with Teal Insert

I love me a nice maxi dress so while I was excited to get this piece, I did get a similar one last month. The back scoops down almost to my bra. I almost didn't keep this one but it fit so well and I knew I would wear it a lot.

It's a Keeper

Item #2- Sky Blue Tank with Lace Insert

This is pretty cute but I knew I wouldn't reach for it so I didn't keep it, especially given the $44 price tag.

This is a No. 

Item #3- Umgee Colourful Blouse with Neon Lace

It's definitely bright! I did ask for some work shirts but this would never be work appropriate for me, even if I did like it! Too short, too bright and see through lace makes this a No.

Item #4- Ellie and Kate Black Cardigan with Lace Trim

I really wanted to like this cardigan but the lace trim was so long and made the whole thing a bit unflattering on me. I wouldn't be able to wear it to work (since I don't wear jeans to work) so it had to go back.

It's a No.

Item #5- Printed Summer Dress

I did ask for some work dresses and while I think this dress was flattering on me, lots of cleavage is not appropriate for my office. Sadly this was also a No.

I was slightly disappointed in my Frock Box this month but I did find one item that I love so it was still worth it. I love the surprise each month so I will keep up my subscription.


  1. I started ordering Frock Box last month and was disappointed in what I got but fingers crossed this months will be better.
    That first dress looks so comfy.

  2. I keep debating signing up for this service. But I might want to wait until after the post office strike now!

  3. I like that tank but would love it more if it was black.

  4. Both dresses are super cute! That bright nope. Lol

  5. I've only done one frockbox so far but I got that same black dress with the teal lace and LOVE IT! That said, I haven't had a chance to wear it yet, but I know it will be my go to dress for a wedding!


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