Monday, June 27, 2016

~Leo's Transition to a Big Boy Bed~

We transitioned Leo into his big boy bed a few months ago. I'm finally getting around to writing this post now ;)

Why did we transition him? I actually wanted him to stay in the crib forever because there was no real reason to move him. He wasn't climbing out and I wanted to keep him little and contained for longer. We moved Audrey into a bed at 22 months with Leo's impending arrival and needing the crib but that is not the case with Leo.


Starting around January, Leo's sleep turned to crap. He would wake up multiple times in the night therefore I would end up sleeping on the ground beside his bed. Not comfortable at all. Many times I crawled out of his room praying he wouldn't wake.

Finally enough was enough and we took the side rail off his crib. Well hubby did, without consulting me. As with Audrey, it didn't improve his sleep at all, and probably made it worse because he would just roll off the bed, wakeup and cry. He wouldn't be hurt but would be startled.

A few times I went into his room in the middle of the night with him crying, "I falled out of bed Mommy!" I was still sleeping on the floor beside his crib!

The crib with no side rail lasted only a week or two before I insisted we buy him a big boy bed. We went with the same Ikea bed that Audrey has since it's low to the ground. However they have changed it slightly- higher headboard and it might even be slightly higher off the ground. All minor things.

The thing about moving Leo to a new bed is that we had to change up his whole room since the bed would block the closet door if we left it where the crib was.

After a trip to Ikea, hubby set about putting together Leo's new room. With some help from the kids ;)

He thought it would take half an hour- it took 3 hours. Always underestimating project time!

Big Boy Room

His bed is now along the wall that the dresser was on.

We flipped up the bookshelf (which is how we had it originally in Audrey's nursery) and put the dresser beside it.


My favourite part about Leo's new room is reading stories and cuddling in his bed together! 

His sleep has gotten much better since the move to a bed- he still rolls around a ton but doesn't wake himself up now. Now if I do have to lay with him it's comfortable for me!

The kids enjoy playing on his new bed too!

Still hard for me to believe that we don't have a crib set up anymore. My baby is growing up! I am still keeping him in the high chair forever though...


  1. Looks awesome!!! Love his window!!! So you don't use a rail at all? I hate them, but we had to get one because Noah moves like crazy in his sleep!! I've considered the pool noodle trick, but I don't think it would stop him yet considering the way he rolls over his stuffed animals lol. Soo crazy our little boys are growing up!! Glad he's sleeping better!!

  2. Love his room! And those low windows are so nice! Was he waking himself up by rolling into the sides of the crib? Did you have bumper pads? Not that any of that matters now haha! I am so glad Sully is still perfectly happy in his crib! He moves SO much that I can't imagine him ever being in a big boy bed now! But it would be nice to be able to cuddle in his bed together.


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