Thursday, July 14, 2016

~Frock Box #3~

This month's Frockbox order came super early- I think they were preparing for the potential postal strike we may have here, yet still hasn't happened. Needless to say, it was a huge surprise!

What did I get this month?

 Item #1- black peplum shirt $39

This shirt sounded so promising. But not very flattering, especially in the back. I think it's actually a bit too long which normally I find peplum tops are too short for me.  

It's a no

Item #2- Floral blouse $49

I've been asking for work appropriate clothes and this fits the bill. I've been loving flowy shirts lately (to hide my chocolate/chips/candy baby) so this is perfect. I like that I can dress this shirt up with black pants for work or dress it down with jeans. 

My only wish about this shirt is that it was smaller. If I had bought it in store I would have sized down. It works though.

This is a yes!

Item # 3- Striped and Lace Tunic $39

I really wanted to love this shirt. It's unique and I love the lace in the back. However I knew I would never reach for it, despite how comfortable and soft it is. 

It's a no. 

Item #4- Mint Tunic $39

I don't do clothes that wrinkle this badly. It's pretty and I'm sure it would look amazing on someone else but not this bod. 

It's a no. 

Item #5- Lace back maxi skirt $49

I love maxis but since I have two from my last 2 Frockboxes I definitely don't need another one. This one is a little too sexy for me- sheer back and slit up to my mid-thigh.

This is a no. 

 Even though I only kept 1 item, I still love the concept of this subscription. It's fun to get a surprise in the mail each month. I wrote a note to my stylist to include some skirts and cardigans next round so hopefully I will get something different.

What monthly subscriptions have you tried? Do you like online shopping for clothes?


  1. I really like the peplum top actually! But I can't tell what the back looks like very well. The flower shirt looks good too. And I love the maxi dress, but I totally understand not wanting it if you already have a few. And I agree on #3 and #4. I actually liked #3 until I saw the lace back.

  2. I like the black peplum top as well! I don't like shirts that wrinkle that much either

  3. I love the floral shirt and the striped lace back one!!! I hate shirts that wrinkle and I do like that maxi!

  4. I love those first two tops!

  5. I love the long floral top! I live for long and flowy tops these days. I also think the dress is va va voom! But I totally get not keeping it if you already have a couple of black maxi's!


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