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~Stampede Road Race 10K: Race Report July 2016~

On Sunday, I ran my 5th Stampede Road Race. My sister and I started this tradition 4 years ago- her first 5K and my first post-baby #1 race. We have done it every year since.

This year we switched it up a bit. My sister has been struggling with some back pain so hasn't been running much. Since I am training for Seawheeze I needed to get a longer run in so I decided to do the 10K. Hubby also wanted to do a race and of course, we signed both kids up for the Kids Race. It was Audrey's 3rd year racing and Leo's 1st!

Usually hubby watches the kids while my sister and I race, so we had to recruit some childcare while we ran. As backup I knew I could run with the kids in the Chariot but pushing 100lbs worth of kids and Chariot during a somewhat hilly 10K did not sound appealing!

Luckily, the kids have a great Auntie and Uncle that jump at the chance to hang out with them when they can so they were more than willing to meet us at the race.

My sister convinced her friend to sign up for the 5K too! Jenny also picked up our race packages since package pick up was at the other end of the city.

The 10K started at 8am. Hubby and I had decided to run together because he hadn't been training and I have been training. The plan was that hopefully he could pace me to a sub 60 finish which annoyingly is realistic for him untrained. 

I knew Ange was racing but for some reason I thought she was doing the half marathon. I was very excited to spot her (and her awesome running outfit) at the start line. We started off together but she mentioned that she was hoping to come under 1:10 so while it was very comfortable running with her and I knew I would have a good race if I stuck with her, hubby was pushing me to run faster to reach my goal.

I should also note that normally I run with water for 10K+ but I decided to forego it this time since I knew there were 3 water stations along the course (although not evenly spread out) and I really didn't want to have a water belt around my waist. It also wasn't super hot out so I figured I could get away without it. 

The first couple of KMs felt good. I was pushing hard on the downhills and keeping steady on the uphills. I was doing my 10 and 1s which normally work well for me. 

Around 4K I was starting to struggle. Hubby was quite a bit ahead of me and Ange and I were leap frogging each other with her running steady and me stopping for my walk breaks. 

At 5K I was at 30 minutes so I was happy with my pace but I was starting to struggle. I felt my energy draining. I could not get out of my head. Around 6-7K, hubby waited for me and kept telling me to put my shoulders back since I was hunching forward. After the 3rd time telling me that I had some choice words for him so he took that as his cue to give me some space ;) 

I had my music with me and looking back I should have turned it on much sooner. At this point I decided to put my headphones on- they were looped through my tank strap. While running they got all tangled and I had to stop to untangle the mess. My music was already on but it only stayed on for a song or two before turning off and I was too tired/frustrated/just wanted to be finished to mess with my phone in my Flipbelt so I just left it off. 

At 8K there was the last water station which I badly needed. Ange was right in my sights so I kept my focus on her. When I caught up with her at 9K I joked to her that she was definitely going to make her sub 1:10 time! I knew my sub 60 goal was not happening but I was still going to have a good time. 

While I was struggling, these 4 were having a blast at the finish line waiting for us! Best cheering section!

I'm so glad they changed the course last year so we don't have to run around the back side of the track!

Hubby was about 20 seconds ahead of Ange and I.

Sheer happiness to see my cheering crew and that the end was in sight!

Ange and I kicked it up at the last stretch. I guess I still had a bit left in me to finish strong! 

I ended up running 1:00:54 so only a minute or so off my goal. It is still my second faster 10K so I can't be too hard on myself for not reaching my A goal.

My sister and her friend were at the finish line- they had just finished their 5K which they were really happy with! My sister has her friend hooked on races now!

Ange and I happy to be done!


No, we did not purposely match our outfits! Glad we were able to kind-of run the race together. He pushed me when I needed it and gave me space when I demanded it ;)

We got in the very long line up for pancakes which was ridiculous! It took 45 minutes and as soon as we got our food we had to head to the track for the kids races.

In previous years since we did the 5K we never had a line up because we would finish before the 10K and half marathoners. I honestly didn't mind waiting in the line- we had lots of great company, but knowing that we were rushed for time was frustrating.

Watching the line dancers

At 10am, the Kids Races started. Leo was super pumped to do his first race! This kid loves to run everywhere so you didn't have to ask him twice to run! He ran 200M with the 2 year olds.

Watching the kids races was the best part! They are so cute!

Leo ran the entire way, although he did fall once!

Hubby was still wearing his bib so I ran with Leo through the finish line. He didn't care that much about his medal!

Audrey ran 400M with the 4 year old and this time she wanted Auntie L to run with her! She did her own thing and was more interested in "flying" around rather than racing, which is just fine!

Family photo!

Thoughts on the race:

-  I really enjoyed the 10K route despite the hills
- I still wish you got a medal for the 5K and 10K distances. Only the half and the kids get medals.
- I'm not sure how, but I feel some improvement could be made on the pancake breakfast situation. If you have kids running in the kids race then they should have a separate line up so you can actually eat before their race starts. Maybe this isn't realistic and I should just run faster!
- Running with company is always better!
- I'm undecided on whether or not I will run 10K without my own water. Is that why I struggled? Or was it all in my head? 

Overall, I love our Stampede tradition! Can't wait for next years race!

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  1. Nice work! That's an awesome time!! Boo to no medals though. The kids running is so cute! I should have signed Sully up for this one. I have no idea if he would run though lol. With my luck he'd probably protest being told what to do and lay down on the ground! LOL.


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