Thursday, July 21, 2016

~Three Things Thursday~

1. I've seen an increase in this trend lately: wearing a black bra under a white or light coloured shirt. I don't understand this trend. Why do you want people to see your bra through your shirt? I've seen a few people dressing this way in my professional downtown office which is what prompted me to bring this up. If you are at home, the mall or hanging with friends, fine. But in a business setting I don't think it's appropriate. Anyone else feel this way or am I just old and uncool?

Not OK

2. Paint Nite- anyone interested in doing one? I'm thinking late August or September, once life slows down a bit. Hah. I am a terrible artist but I think it would be fun. I do need some new art for my walls.

3. With the big move in less than 3 weeks, life has been a little hectic! We are busy packing, purging anything that doesn't bring us joy and doing all the things that are involved with moving. So many address changes and people/companies to inform. So far I've packed about 35 boxes and hubby picked up another 25 or so boxes so we can do a big push this weekend. We have a family reunion on the long weekend so we want to get as much as possible done now so we aren't too stressed the week of.

What's your best day-of moving tip? Are you supposed to provide lunch (aka order pizza) for the professional movers?


  1. Yes! I don't get the black bra under a light shirt either. I remember back when that used to be a serious faux pas.

    Yes to a paint night! Sign me up! I am no artist though haha!

    Sometimes we buy our movers lunch. Depends on the situation. The crew that packed is up was on a very tight schedule and had their own set breaks so it didn't really work. But the two guys who unloaded and unpacked us, they were more easy going and friendly so we bought them pizza. But generally, ya we buy them lunch.

  2. Yes to paint night. I did it once and loved it. We should get a group and do it.
    As for the black bra thing, I'm with you. I don't get it especially not in an office environment. But I'm super conservative at work compared to what I see a lot of other people wearing.

  3. Wow, that's so not appropriate for a professional setting! Crazy!

  4. I'm not for the colored bra thing under light shirts either... Don't get it, never will!! Lol. Growing up I thought it was trashy. But some of the "fashion" these days I'm not for either lol.
    Paint nite looks like fun! I've looked into a few here, but haven't done it yet!
    And as for lunch, I'm not sure - I've never had professional movers, just family lol!


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