Monday, July 18, 2016

~Weekend Recap: Birthday, Rain, Stampede~

The days are just flying by! In case you didn't hear, the weather the past week (or more like month) has been super rainy here. I'll be honest, I'm not really complaining because if it was nice outside I would be super bummed that I had to be stuck inside packing all the time. So while the rain is annoying, especially in the amounts we are receiving, it's easier to swallow that I'm not really missing out on anything.

Wednesday was my birthday! My 3 loves serenaded me in the morning via FaceTime. It was the best!

Thursday we ran a billion errands, including trying to locate actual rain coats for the kids. I found one for Audrey for $40 at Joe Fresh which is more than I wanted to spend but it's necessary and my options were limited. I had been looking online for months with no luck also.

When the sun finally came out in the afternoon, the kids went outside to play in the muddy, wet backyard. They loved it! Leo was in his glory looking for worms, and sitting in the muddy water.

I went for my run in the evening after the kids were in bed. I almost had to go on the treadmill but thankfully it had mostly stopped raining at that point and light rain seemed way better than treadmill torture. I was treated to this beautiful rainbow so it was all worth it! Every darn hill. Yah I'm going to miss running here.

Friday we braved the Calgary Stampede even though it called for heavy rain all day long. I had mentally prepared for it all week and really there was lots to keep the kids entertained inside so it wasn't that bad.

A highlight for them was taking the train downtown!! Although every stop they asked if it was our stop yet!

We met our friends at the grounds and we all had a blast! I almost bought one of these blow up banana bed things. They were so comfy!

The kids loved them!

We listened to some music and the kids danced.

Audrey was very interested in all the animal fur and antlers.

Big Bull!

Piglets!! They sure squeal a lot! Audrey was convinced they were eating the Momma pig and not just drinking milk!

Learning about making wool yarn. Pretty neat tools!

I didn't even have to ask him to pose for these cut-outs!

We spent a lot of time indoors, checking out the animals, different booths that were geared towards kids and just running around.

Leo spotted some tractors at the Alberta Wheat booth and he was entertained for 15 minutes!

Finally it stopped raining so we were able to go outside. The kids loved climbing all over these horse statues. Leo loved running through all the mud puddles he could find. His pants and boots were soaked from all the puddle jumping! He didn't seem to care!

Just hanging out under this horse... Every time I would turn around he would dart off for the nearest puddle to play in!

Audrey wanted to sit on a seat when we got on the train this time (instead of being in the stroller). She was fascinated by how fast we went and all the stops along the way.

Leo fell asleep at 5pm, before we even left the Stampede Grounds! Proof that he still needs his afternoon nap! He was less than impressed when he woke up as I transferred him to the car awhile later.

Hubby went to Fernie with a bunch of his family for a fishing/hiking weekend so I had a quiet night after the kids went to bed. I stayed up too late watching Friends reruns and browsing Pinterest.

Saturday morning I made pancakes for the kids. Usually that's a Daddy treat, since I'm too lazy/tired to make pancakes in the morning, but they had asked and we had time for once. They weren't anything fancy, especially since I had to make a flax egg due to Leo's allergies.

We had to run to the mall to return a few things and look for a couple items for the kids. It was a successful trip.

In the afternoon, Grandma N came over to hang out with the kids (well, Leo was napping) so that I could do my long run. Race day is getting closer and I had no desire to run 17K on the treadmill.

The weather somewhat cooperated and I'd much rather run in a bit of rain than super sunny and hot. It poured rain on me around 8K for 10-15 minutes and other than that it was pretty pleasant.

My legs felt pretty strong so I'm feeling ready for my race in a few weeks.

Grandma N brought dinner and stayed to help with bed time. It was nice to have some help and break up the day.

I should have gone to bed but instead I watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. It was good- not as funny as I hoped but still had some good laughs.

Sunday morning Audrey came into my bed around 6am, complaining of sore legs. I rubbed them and she fell asleep beside me. It was sweet to snuggle beside her!

I woke up a little bit later to little brother making noise. At first I let him play in his room but then it sounded like he was playing with some of the boxes I had packed outside his room. Sure enough he had climbed onto a box and was putting his cars into another box that wasn't taped shut.

We had a light breakfast because we were meeting my family for my birthday brunch!

Yes, I deliberately had them wear matching clothes.  It's not too often that either of them let me dress them anymore.

We went to a buffet brunch at the Royal Executive Inn. It has a huge selection, reasonable price and the food is pretty good. 

Leo doesn't sit still for long so Uncle B kept him occupied for a bit.

Love my family!! We are a crazy bunch!

My Mom came over afterwards so that I could focus on packing while the kids were entertained. I made a solid dent in the basement. We only have a couple boxes left so I'll have to pick some more up so we can get the majority of the house packed by next weekend.

We are so grateful that our family and friends have been so helpful with this whole moving process. We really could not do it without everyone's help.

Hubby had a great weekend away. He caught lots of fish and relaxed a bit which is what he really needed. We missed it but we kept busy!

Now for another busy week! Any guesses as to what I'll be up to?


  1. Sounds like a good weekend minus the packing. Packing sucks. So does unpacking, haha. Glad the kids loved Stampede

  2. Sounds like a fun and busy weekend! I'm so jealous Leo will fall asleep in his stroller when out and about. Sully would never do that, lol! Despite the fact that he still has a nap most days.

  3. Sounds like a great weekend. You definitely made the most of it considering the weather. What's your next race?


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