Monday, July 11, 2016

~Weekend Recap~

Hello, summer? Where are you? Come back please, we aren't done with you yet! Anyone else feel this way? I'm glad we aren't melting with sweltering heat but these cool temps, rain and thunderstorms are a bit ridiculous.

Backing up to Thursday, the kids and I spent the morning with my Mom. She had foot surgery a couple weeks ago and can't drive so we were her chauffeurs for her Doctor's appointment. Her recovery is going really well, she has had minimal pain and other than limping and wearing "duck shoes" as she calls them, she is doing great!

Waiting at Chapters for Grandma to finish.

We went for lunch afterwards. Note- Boston Pizza kids menu is not allergy-friendly for Leo :( Grilled chicken and veggies for him. Which I lied and told him was chicken fingers... when you cut them into strips they kind of are?

We stopped briefly at the park by Grandma's for some playtime.

Sidenote- I had to tell Leo that this outfit was his "explorer" outfit because he wanted to wear his dinosaur shirt. This kid now has an opinion on what he wears each day and night. I'm not allowed to buy him anything that doesn't have cars, or dinosaurs on it, although stripes and "polka dots" are acceptable. I'm not sure which polka dot shirt he keeps requesting for because he only has one and he refuses to wear it...

During nap time Audrey played with modelling clay. She made trees. Thankfully she got her Dad's creativity and not mine.

We also removed conditions on our new house!! Only a few more weeks to pack up until we make the big move! It's exciting-- so glad the long search is over but I am still sad that it's actually happening. It feels like we are moving cities. But yay for more space and a shorter commute!

Hubby was out of town in Edmonton that night so I watched some trashy TV while folding laundry. I attempted a run on the treadmill but it wasn't going well so I bailed after 12 minutes. Running mojo please return!

Friday was errand day. We picked up 40 boxes from the moving company to start packing. One bookshelf done and I'm re-considering my cheapness to not have the movers pack up the entire house for us! Or maybe we should just get rid of everything and start all over? Seriously if I haven't looked at/played with/needed it for the last 6 years, should I really move it, again? I struggling between minimalist/pack rat/nostalgia right now.

Our shredder is getting a workout as I go through our files and pitch 5-8 years work of crap that we definitely don't need anymore. I'm pretty sure I could have gotten rid of our condo insurance policy info from 8 years ago but nope, it was in the file.

Hours of my life wasted right there. Tangent done.

We had lots of fun playing in the backyard, breaking their toys. Sweet- less crap for us to have to move! What else can I give them to "break"?

Hubby returned home in time for dinner.  We decided to go out for dinner to Symons Restaurant. We have been there a few times. The food is good but it is expensive. We ended up buying food for Leo that he didn't even touch so that was a waste and I don't think we will be back, especially not with the kids. They tried hard to accommodate him but the only thing he could eat from the kids menu was pasta with tomato sauce, which he doesn't really like so it was a waste. He just ate from his snack bag! I think eating in restaurants with the kids will be on a necessity basis from now on. That's probably ok though- better for our waists and our wallets.

I went for a short run at 9pm. Took some convincing but I got it done.

Saturday the family let me sleep in while hubby took the kids to run some fun errands aka Bass Pro. We looked for cowboy hats the day before with no luck but they found some at Bass Pro. They were ridiculously excited about them and couldn't wait to show me when they got home! Audrey said her favourite part about hers are the sparkles and she shines them with a cloth!

And no, I did not dress them to match, they each picked their own outfits.

In the afternoon another summer storm rolled in. I had to quickly move 40 boxes out of the garage to make room for my car. I don't need hail damage! The hail lasted for 20 minutes. Not surprisingly it woke Leo up from his nap and he happily watched it come down from his window.

It's probably a good thing we don't have too much planted in the garden or else it would have been destroyed by all these hail storms we have been getting.

Sunday we woke up bright and early for the Stampede Road Race. It was the 5th time I've done the race, but the first time I've done the 10K and the entire family raced!

Auntie L and Uncle C came down to hang out with Audrey and Leo while hubby and I raced.

I'll do a full recap of my race later this week.

The kids race was the best part! They were both so excited to be racing! Something about little kids running is so adorable! Plus all their insane runner parents following them!

Once we got home, I showered and went for a nap. I was too tired to accomplish anything without some sleep first! 

We didn't do too much the rest of the day. I packed a few boxes, and hubby went to the grocery store. It was a good end to a busy weekend.


  1. I'm with you, summer where did you go?! I miss summer!!
    So excited you found a house! I bet it feels like you are moving cities. I felt like that and we moved ten minutes away lol.
    I wanted to run that race, but 26th Chloe etc it wouldn't have worked out. Next year!
    Oh and we never order Avery food in restaurants, she gets to share with us mom

  2. Yay for finding a new house! I meant to ask you all about it at Bachelor but forgot. I'm kind of excited for someone to live somewhat closer to me, haha! ;) If you want company on a packing day, just let me know!

  3. We have not had rain in weeks, Mike will even say months. Crazy the hail you guys get!! Soo excited about your new house!! It makes me want to move - just to get organized, but let's face it the chances of getting organized is slim to none!! Even with the basement flood, we did get rid of soo much crap, but I know there is more to go!!! Did you see the good wife is no longer making new episodes,,, I hate that, just when you get into a show, they stop making it, although it wasn't as good as the first few seasons! I need to get back to watching orange is the new black! Lol


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