Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August, August, where did you go??

Ok August, you win for fastest month of 2016 so far! I guess that's what happens when you move and go away for even a short trip!

So who is ready for summer to be over? I for one am NOT! It's not worth complaining about our sad summer since there really isn't anything we can do about it but I am holding on till the bitter end. Sandals, sundresses and shorts are not being put away quite yet. We seem to get nice Septembers so I'm hoping that is the case this year- specifically from Thursday to Sunday, if Mother Nature is taking orders.

So what has been taking up all my time lately?

Well, the move has been the main reason!  What a ton of work! Now that we are on the other end of it it feels much better but there is still lots to do like furniture shopping, fixing little things like door knobs, organizing every drawer in every room, cleaning the carpets 5x-- thanks Leo, and, and, and...

All this, plus work leaves little time for anything else!

I've had some success with furniture shopping so at least we are moving in the right direction to filling a couple empty rooms!

We are going with this couch, in a slightly lighter grey fabric. Thoughts on the skulls pillow? ;) 

Hubby's to-do list is a mile long but he loves working on little and big projects so he isn't complaining. I feel like I rarely see him unless I go into the garage though.

And thank goodness my in-laws have a steam cleaner they have lent us because the poor carpets are getting broken in. I'll leave it at that...

I'm trying to find a balance of getting the house/life organized and spending time with the kids. I figure a bunch of stuff can wait until the winter when it's cold out and we can't be outside. We are loving our new area- the pathways and the park close by so every chance we can get outside we do!

Now that Seawheeze is over, I wasn't training for anything but I just signed up for the Gorilla Run on October 2nd. It's a 16KM/10 Mile race which would be a new race distance for me, as well as a new race! Both things I wanted to check off my list this year! Plus you get this cool medal!

I'm still lacking the motivation to get out and run though. I haven't done a long run since Seawheeze so I better get on it! I'm enjoying exploring our new neighborhood though- but it still doesn't get me out of bed ;) I think I'm almost ready for a running break.

Are you ready for summer to be over? 


  1. I love the couch! And I actually really love the pillow, but I'm a sucker for things with skulls on them ;) I can't believe summer is already over either! I guess having a mild winter/spring means we forfeited a nice summer?! I sure hope not!!

  2. Ooh love the couch! Where from? Haha do tell more of what Leo has been up to!

  3. I seem to think your summer started in the spring, so it's only fair it ends early haha. Love the couch! What is your hubby building?


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