Friday, August 5, 2016

~Goodbye 24... Hello 24~

The day has come... it's Possession Day!! The big move will occur tomorrow.

Like the title suggests, our house number is not changing! 24 is my favourite/lucky number so I'm glad I am not losing it as my house number! A good house number actually was important to me- not a deal breaker but it was definitely something I thought about when we would look at a house. I will admit I kind of felt it was a sign when we looked at the house. I guess it was meant to be!

This move is very bittersweet. We are super excited to be finally done searching for a new home and to get settled into our new neighborhood. It is not without sadness as we leave the house we made so many wonderful memories in: we brought our babies home here, we hosted our first Thanksgiving dinner here (and many more dinners with family and friends), and we poured our blood, sweat and tears into making it our home.

We lived here just shy of 7 years and has our life ever changed since we moved in! The memories are countless, the laughter we have shared here with our friends and family has been endless and a few tears shed too. It's been a great home and it's time to let another family make their memories there.

While I can't possibly begin to document all the memories made at this house in this post, although really reading through this blog would give a good idea, I wanted to share a few things that made this house ours- projects and labours of love that we will be sad to leave behind.

The spruce tree in our backyard has a story. Back in 2004, my best friend's brother got married. I went as my friend's date. His wife's parents owned a tree farm so as favours they gave everyone a little sapling. I was still living at home so my Mom planted it at the side of our house.

When we moved to this house, our backyard was a blank slate. The fence needed to be put up, the deck redone and all landscaping to be completed.

My mom said "Oh you can take the tree from Cory's wedding and plant it in your own backyard now." I had completely forgotten that she even planted it! To make the tree even more special, we had discovered at some point that hubby had worked at that very tree farm a couple summers before we started dating!

So we transplanted that little tree and over the last 7 years we have watched it grow in our backyard, just as our family grew!

Almost 7 years later it's a bit bigger!

I'm kind of ridiculously sad over leaving this tree!

Hubby laboured over the garden. He spent months designing it, and researching the best plants for the front and the back.

I insisted he plant a peony bush in the backyard. Of course they don't bloom until 2-3 years after being planted so we've only see it bloom a couple times.

We have enjoyed many harvests from this vegetable garden- oregano, rosemary, carrots, potatoes, onions, squash, sweat peas, beans, tomatoes, strawberries to name a few. 

One of my favourite parts of the outside is the slate rock for the pathways. Hubby and his Dad found it all in B.C. and brought it back.

Kitty approved


Slate pathway

Another favourite part is the rock garden in the front. Since the area is so small, hubby wanted something maintenance free, yet have nice curb appeal. It took me awhile to see his vision but once it was done I was wowed. He made it look like a stream with all different rock sizes. We went to a small horticultural farm and bought a whole bunch of native plants that would be good for the area.

 The two rooms inside the house I will miss the most are the children's rooms. Don't be surprised if we recreate them in the new house! Audrey has asked for purple walls again, with trees and birds. I asked her if she wanted us to bring the chandelier to the new house- she said "No, it's dirty. I need a new one!" Cinderella needs to work on her dusting skills!

Audrey's nursery

Leo's nursery

So while I am sad to leave our old house, I am so ready to make memories in our new house, and make it ours!


  1. Love those purple walls!!! It is sad to move, I agree! I will have a hard time moving from this house when the day comes!! Best of luck with the move!!! Can't wait to see more pics!!

  2. So neat about the house number! And what beautiful landscaping you had at your old house! I'm sure it will just be a matter of time before your husband recreates something just as beautiful in your new home :) Good luck with the move! Can't wait for the housewarming ;)

  3. Hope you are enjoying your new house. That is pretty cool you got a place with the same house number!


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