Monday, August 29, 2016

.:Leo: 2.5 Years:.

Another 6 months have flown by! This year is going by far too fast and my little boy is getting so big! 2.5 is such a fun age, for the most part!

Eating: Leo is currently going through a picky stage. It does not help that some sensitivity testing brought up that he can't eat dairy, egg or soy and is also allergic to a few different types of grasses and hay. This makes preparing food for him quite difficult since everything seems to have at least one of those ingredients in it. He can no longer eat most of his favourite foods or we have to substitute something that he isn't super excited about. Eating out is hard because he can pretty much have a grilled chicken breast and veggies- every 2.5 year olds favourite foods, right?

He does love peanut butter and jam or honey toast, granola bars (which I have to make), pancakes, sausages and hot dogs, celery, carrots, broccoli, rice noodles, quesadillas with goat cheese, crackers and goat cheese and anything sweet!

Sleeping: He has been doing really well in his big boy bed. He was falling out a few times so I was propping pillows on his bed but he seems to be fine now. He generally sleeps from 8pm to 7am. He still naps for about 2 hours a day. He might be getting closer to dropping his nap but mama isn't ready for that. If he doesn't nap, 5pm onward is a disaster!

Diapers: Size 5 or 6. Thinking about potty training soon and trying to get him excited about new underwear! Probably in the early fall we will make the transition but he doesn't seem quite ready yet. And I'm not ready for the mess!

Skinny bum problems!

Weight/Size: He hasn't been weighed recently so will have to update later on that. He is wearing size 2T and some 3T things but some of his shorts are still 12-18 months. Skinny boy! He is wearing size 8 shoes and moving to the next size pretty quickly.

Hair and eyes: Blonde hair with a few curls! He had his first haircut in May and another a couple weeks ago! Eyes are still blue.

Talking: He talks non-stop! He puts full sentences together no problem. Sometimes he gets whiney and upset so we have to remind him to "use his words." He repeats a lot of things that we say- some good, some not so good! He will talk to anyone- start telling them about his cars or any other random thing that happens to be around.

Latest phrases: 'Because', ' Look, my favourite ______', 'Awesome', 'Abracadabra' to the van door,

Personality: Leo is stubborn, cuddly and so silly! He loves to make you laugh and bug his sister. He pushes the limits to see what happens but he is learning quickly that there are consequences for his actions. He is a mama's boy which I love!

Teething: All 20 teeth are in!

Likes: Anything cars and dinosaurs related! He talks about the Zoo and the T-rex all the time. He points out his favourite cars, which are usually mustangs! He runs everywhere and is enjoying his new red Strider bike. He needs his blanket every night. He loves to read books however he can't be trusted with a soft page book or else he will tear it apart. Half of his flap books are now flap-less...

Dislikes: Being told no, falling down, time outs, when his sister takes things from him, being tired or hungry.

Misc: Leo is so fun! While he has his tantrums, he is generally a good natured child. We just moved houses and both kids are adjusting well to their new day home and house. It's been a bit of a challenge as we all learn a new routine, house and area but in time it will feel like home. Leo already recognizes our new home now.
Audrey and Leo love each other. When Leo wakes up the first thing he asks is "Where's Ruaudrey"- I like how he says her name! She is so sweet to him and takes good care of him.

Being a Mom to these two is such an honour. Every day they teach me a new lesson, even when I am teaching them something. Always exploring, usually laughing and just being. They really know how to do life!


  1. Poor guy with all the dietary restrictions! Was he having problems? You should share your granola bar recipes! Noah's just going a size 8 shoe, but is wearing 2T clothes for the most part, some 18 month shorts, but 3T will be the size for fall, even though I bought the wrong size (4T). His 2T shirts are getting short anyways!! Tall boy, but he's really thinned out lately! I should really do an update on Noah... I will add it to the list haha!

  2. I can't imagine how tough it would be to feed a kid with sensitivities. It's hard enough figuring out what kids like and will eat as it is!! He's pretty handsome with his haircut!


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