Wednesday, September 14, 2016

~Inflight Fitness: An Anti-Gravity Workout~

My friend Ange asked the blog squad if we wanted to try an anti-gravity workout at her friend's recently opened studio, inFlight Fitness. I jumped at the chance to try a new workout with a great group of girls and bonus: the studio is close to my new house!

I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I didn't research the studio or workout at all beforehand like I normally do before I try something new. I wanted to go in with no expectations and I think deep down I knew that if I knew what I was getting myself into, I would be too scared!

So what is AntiGravity® Fitness? It is a unique hybrid of aerial arts and yoga. It is a low impact cardio workout that combines gymnastics, dance, pilates, calisthetics and yoga. The technique was originally created by gymnasts and aerial acrobats that used the Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock for competitions and performances.

Everyone in the class uses a Harrison AntiGravity® Hammock that is connected by two overhead points. It acts as a swing or trapeze. It's pretty much the coolest piece of workout equipment ever!

Our instructor, Alison, is also the owner of the studio along with her husband. He teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu there as well.

The only requirements for the class were:

- wear a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt (no tank tops) 
- remove jewellery so as to not snag the hammock
- wear grippy socks

I will also add that next time I'll wear longer capris or pants since I found the shorter length kept riding up by my knees.  

We started off getting used to the hammock and I could have stayed in this position all day long! Something so comforting about being suspended there.

In no time at all, Alison had us doing inversions. Let's just say I was terrified! I did not want to be suspended upside down, regardless of the fact that the hammock can hold up to 1000 lbs!

Apparently I was quite entertaining with my self-talk and deep breathing to prevent myself from passing out and falling down! Guys, I was so scared! I really wanted to quit through this first inversion.

And then we did another one... I wasn't brave enough to take my hands off the ground though.

This looks easy, but I promise it is a full body workout!

Talk about core work!

Another inversion! Hanging on for dear life!

This suspended child's pose was a favourite!

Highlight of the class? Swinging!! How I can swing so high, yet be terrified of being upside down is laughable!

This particular move was kind of awkward yet fun! Rotating in circles on our toes!

The beginning of another inversion called vampire! Imagine if I had quit during that first one? I would have missed half the class and fun! By the 3rd one I was starting to feel a lot more comfortable and a little less hyperventilating.

We spent a lot of time upside down!

This was a neat pose- really got us working those legs!

Finally it was time for our final resting pose- coffin. So good! I could have stayed here all day long!

This was seriously such a fun workout! While it wasn't a typical, super sweaty workout class that I may be used to, the next day my entire body was SO sore so I can attest that it is a full body workout! It was also a good challenge for my mind- to prove to myself that I can push past those fears. I will definitely be going back for more classes!

So glad I got to try this class with these ladies! A huge thanks to Alison for teaching us and Ange for organizing it for us. 


  1. Reading all these posts makes me really want to do one of these classes again.

  2. Haha you saying "okay" over and over was one of the highlights for sure. Thank you for giving my abs a workout ;)


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