Tuesday, September 6, 2016

~September Long Weekend Recap~

Theme of this long weekend? Friends and family visits! We packed so many visits into four days- it was great!!

On Friday, we went to our friends A & R's for dinner. We were sad to move away from them but an extra 15 minutes won't keep us away! 

The kids had so much fun playing together. My favourite moment was when they all sat down at the kids table and said "cheers" with their water bottles! 

And yes, Audrey did wear a leopard print sweater and her Cinderella dress! Girl is fancy!

We stayed way too late- past 9pm and the kids were getting rowdy. It's so hard to tear ourselves away from good friends.

Saturday morning we had Uncle C and Auntie L over for brunch. They hadn't seen our new house yet and it had been awhile since we had seen them too! 
They were up for a playground visit and got right in there with the kids! We also went for a long walk/bike ride to soak up the crisp air.


Leo was right tucked out from all the playing so he easily went down for a nap. It's worth noting because it doesn't happen all that often anymore. He's been skipping his nap but being a total bear by 5pm. He also doesn't sit quietly in his room- he destroys stuff- books, toys, whatever he can reach in his drawers.

This time he was exhausted and slept for 3 hours. When I went in to wake him, he was laying like this. Feet a couple inches off the ground, just dangling there! Silly guy!

My bestie, Laura and her husband came over for dinner. Thankfully they are entertained by our children and Audrey adores Laura! She was dragging her around like a dog- for real. She had a collar on her arm and a leash attached to it.  We went to the park and for a long walk after dinner with walk off the sugar from dessert. I wish I had brought my camera because it was a pretty entertaining time!

After the kids went to bed we had some adult beverages and played a board game and card game. It was lots of fun!! 

Sunday we had a very lazy morning. I took the kids to get some new shoes and then we went to Kali's 1st Birthday party in the afternoon! The kids loved playing with her now that she actually interacts with them. Still so hard to believe she is one already! She is such a sweet, silly girl! 

Congratulations on surviving year one of motherhood, my friend! You smashed it!

The cake smash and cupcakes were the hit of the party! Kali was pretty delicate when it came to eating the cake, until her parents showed her how it's done!

Leo just wanted to lick all the icing.

We had a pretty low-key Saturday night. I think I watched some TV and finished my book while hubby continued working on his work bench in the garage.
Monday was a holiday!!! We met up with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and their kids at Elbow Falls for a short hike. 

I promise the girls had fun, despite their expressions!

The kids did a sneak attack on the 'unsuspecting' adults ;)

It was all fun and games until someone stepped into dog you-know-what and was covered in it. Yuck!! Clean up after your dog please! 
 I was recently nominated to do a 22 push-up challenge for Veterans suffering from PTSD. So for 22 days, you will find me on the floor getting my 22 push ups in. I'm getting stronger!! It's getting slightly easier (no it isn't...).

And so that marks the end of summer. Maybe not officially but Calgary certainly got the memo that it's boots and scarves weather. Just no s#@$ for awhile, ok! Although, hubby finished (mostly?) his work bench project so I can park in the garage again!! Just need to get the other side organized so there is space for the van.

Are you ready for fall? 
What was the best thing about your long weekend?


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend!!! Are you guys settled in now? I couldn't even imagine Noah without a nap! It's the one thing I will not budge on, because it is a necessity!! Lol! Good job on the push ups!!

  2. Looks like a great weekend. I'm definitely ready for fall but no snow for a long time please!!


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