Monday, September 12, 2016

~Week + end Recap~

This past week was so busy. I am utterly exhausted. 

A short work week (2 days) was made even shorter when I took a half day on Wednesday to attend Audrey's first day of Preschool! 

We had found out only a few days before that a spot opened up at the only Preschool we were interested in registering her at. It will require a bit of juggling since it is three days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and the dayhome can't transport her to and from. So one day hubby will pick Audrey up from the day home around noon and take her to preschool and I will do the other two days, one of which is a work day for me. Pick up is at 4pm so I will have no problem picking her up each day. 

The first day was just a short orientation to meet the teacher and other students in the class. 

They each get a red bag with their names on it to bring their indoor shoes to and from each day. 
They worked on a small project of decorating a family picture. 

Leo didn't even notice that Audrey wasn't at the dayhome for the rest of the day on Wednesday which is good! We were a bit concerned he would be upset when I came to pick her up but she snuck out of the house and he didn't know otherwise!

We've been enjoying nightly bike rides around the block. Leo is getting so fast and brave!

Thursday we had a productive day at home. First I got my workout in in the morning. The kids were also interested in getting their butts kicked by Shawn T but they didn't last long.

I unpacked a bunch more boxes since it's Leigh's turn to move now! I need hubby to build me some storage shelves in the basement so I can unpack a bunch of extra kitchen stuff that we don't use regularly but I'm not sure how high that is on the priority list right now.

Leo wanted to do some painting after his nap and he actually sat nicely to do it. His attention span is about 1.25 seconds these days so this was a miracle.

That night I went for dinner and to see Book of Mormon with my mom and sister. It was hilarious!! We could not stop laughing! Such a good night out. My abs hurt from laughing so hard. 

Friday we had an easy morning. Audrey had a short day at Preschool, unparented this time. We were all organized- everyone fed and dressed to get out the door on time after lunch when Audrey falls off the toilet and gets a massive bleeding nose. Blood curdling screaming. Shaking. Blood everywhere. How she managed to hit her nose on the toilet is beyond me. After cleaning her up, changing her clothes, and giving her multiple wet cloths to put on her nose, we were out the door. We made it on time by some miracle. Holy drama! Her nose was swollen for a couple days but it's back to normal now. 

Thankfully she didn't care that I was leaving her at preschool alone. The upside to being a daycare child! No tears from either of us!

Since it was a short class today, instead of going home so Leo could have his nap, we ran a couple errands. Mainly looking for a new rug for the front door since Leo decided to play soccer with an ice pack and it exploded all over the place... Kids destroy everything! Thankfully it was a rug the previous owners left behind so I was not attached to it. 

No luck finding a new one yet, even though we went to three stores. The one below is a contender but I'm looking for a cheaper option since $70 seems excessive for a door mat.

At 2pm, we went to pick up Audrey and she was not too impressed to see us. I guess she was having fun! Her teacher said she was very helpful with the other kids and did quite well. No surprise there- little miss independent. 

Since it was early, I decided to hit up Costco to look for a rug and get a few other things. No rug but still managed to spend almost $300 on other stuff. At least there were a ton of samples.

No shocker- Leo fell asleep on the way home at 4pm. He slept in this chair for at least half an hour while I unloaded the groceries and made dinner. He was a total bear when he woke up though. 

He calmed down in time for a bike ride and park date before bed time. I needed wine though.

Saturday morning I met up with the Blog Squad to try an antigravity class at InFlight Fitness. It was slightly terrifying but mostly fun and such a good workout. I'll do a full recap later since it was such a great experience! The important part is that I had fun and I survived!!

After the class, Ange, Brie and I went for brunch at Ace Diner. I was pleasantly surprised and will definitely be back with the family. I had the most delicious Chicken Focaccia sandwich which I shared with Brie in exchange for half of her Grilled Cheese sandwich. It was equally amazing! Even the side salad was amazing which says a lot! 

I finally tore myself away to go parent. Leo had a random car nap while out grocery shopping with hubby in the morning so needless to say an afternoon nap did not happen. 

Our community association put on a Music in the Park event so we went to check it out. There was some jazz bands playing and lots of people came out to enjoy the nice afternoon. The local restaurant was serving food so we had an easy dinner down there while listening to music. 

The kids had fun dancing and running around. It was the perfect evening to be outside. 

Delicious donair!

We decided to take a walk in the woods so the kids could burn off some energy before bed time. We found the fairy garden which the kids were quite fascinated with! I think we will make a couple of our own houses to add to the garden. 

Leo now insists on pushing the chariot which means you have to tip it down on his back wheels for him to reach!

I think his messed up sleep schedule caught up with him because Leo had a terrible sleep Saturday night. He woke up several times so I went into his room to cuddle him. Then he would wake up again and screamed since I was back in my own bed. Finally at 4am he woke up and would not go back to sleep. I tried sleeping with him but he.would.not.sleep. At one point he was messing around in his bed (while I attempted to sleep beside him), he fell out, bumped his nose on the bed and blood everywhere. Seriously what is with these kids and their bleeding noses? Once I got him cleaned up, I gave up and turned on Cars. 

Sunday morning my sister-in-law and I had a date to go running bright and early. If she hadn't been coming over I would have stayed snuggled in on the couch with my pillow since I was tired and it was cold and rainy out!

But I knew I wouldn't regret the run so I dragged myself up and we went out for 10K, exploring the woods around my house. It was wet but the company was good and she pushes me a bit which I need.  I took us on a wrong turn so we ended up doing almost 11KM and of course the stupid big hill to get back to my house but it was good! Coffee and pancakes were waiting for us!

The rest of the day I practically did nothing. Cleaned up around the house, showered and had a glorious 4 hour nap while Leo napped. I deserved that so I regret nothing!

I'm hoping this week is a little less crazy and I get more sleep!


  1. Oh man, what a terrible time dealing with the bleeding noses!! Kids!

  2. I was wondering how you were going to do preschool drop offs/pick ups with Audrey and your work schedule. That's good it all worked out! Haha, now that you are a packing pro, you should come help me. I'll pay in wine. And cookies. And whatever else you like ;)

    I was wondering where the music in the park was- looks like fun!

  3. OH man, you had a BUSY week!! That's nice that preschool pickup is so late. Is the preschool close to your new home? How are you getting to work now - driving or train? The music in the park event sounds like a lot of fun! You should check out Superstore for rugs! I needed a big one for my front entrance and I didn't want anything to "industrial" or too expensive. I ended up getting a nice lighter tan one with a pattern on it for $30! (regular price!). Even if it gets ruined by muddy boots this winter, I won't care haha.

  4. So exciting about preschool! I wanted A in one this fall but they have to be 3 at registration - boo and when I am back to work the times suck so she won't go.
    That music in the park sounds awesome, I need to bring that idea to our next meeting for next summer! I am trying to plan a Halloween event right now for our community association.
    Oh man, two bleeding noses?!
    I have bought every rug in our house at Costco! Online and in store :)


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