Wednesday, October 19, 2016

~Audrey: 4.5 Years~

Audrey was quite upset that Leo had his half birthday before she did! She said she didn't win! The things that go through their heads. She was genuinely devastated that his birthday is first so we had a discussion about age and how even though his birthday is before hers in the month, she is older than him! But if we go with her theory I'm the youngest in our family!

This age! I mostly love it but there is a certain sassy attitude that has come out that I'm not partial to. I find myself trying to rein in my laughter when she says something totally inappropriate or rudely but I don't want her to think that it's ok so I have to contain myself.

And holy smart! It's hard to slip things past her these days. She has a crazy memory, she hangs on to every word you say and takes things literally. My sensitive little girl!

Eating: The return of the picky stage! She makes a disgusted sound at more meals than not that I serve her. Chicken? Gross. Steak? Yucky. Vegetables? Hates them. She would live on fruit and her snack bag if I let her. It's frustrating but we read Green Eggs and Ham often enough that she is learning to at least try everything on her plate.

Sleeping: She has been struggling to go to sleep lately but I'm guessing that's because of the move and it's still light out at bedtime. She wakes with leg cramps about once a week but the doctors don't seem to have much advice or concern about it. Growing pains or mineral deficiency so she is eating her vitamins daily (when I remember).

Hair/Eyes: Hair is still dark brown and curly. It's getting longer so it's time for a trim soon. Eyes are a lovely hazel-green.

Weight/Height: She is 42lbs and 45 inches tall. She is long and lean! Her legs go on for days which means that her pants are either too short or too baggy to get the length. She is wearing size 5T- 6 pants and dresses. She is wearing size 11-12 shoes.

Personality: Audrey is a serious, sassy girl! She takes everything to heart and is a thinker. Her imagination is mind-blowing and she loves to role play. When I ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she always says a mommy and sometimes something else, so a 'Policewoman Mommy'. She has a temper so we are working on helping her control that. She can be shy which I am trying to not label her as because I've heard her repeat to others that she is shy.

Likes: She loves to help in the kitchen, play with her dolls or Leo as her baby, riding her bike, playdoh, stickers, crafts, helping Daddy build stuff, doing makeup with Mommy, helping Mommy clean aka spray water everywhere, reading, watching as much TV as mommy will let her, being with her family.

Dislikes: when her brother beats her up, bed time, when the TV is turned off, being told to clean up, not having fruit or chocolate for every meal, the 'timer' and 'counting' for time outs.

Big Sister: Audrey loves being a big sister so much. She told me the other day that first you are a baby, then a toddler, then a big sister! She also told me she wants me to have a baby so she can have a baby brother or baby sister! I told her Leo is her baby brother and she said he isn't a baby anymore. She is also asking for a pet, specifically a dog.

Preschool: Audrey started Preschool in September! She is very excited to go learn and play. She goes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She was mad on Tuesday when she didn't get to go to school! She had no problems at drop off, her teacher say she is very helpful and doesn't want to come home when I pick her up!

Misc: Audrey is adjusting very well to our move a couple months ago. She loves her new day home and is often sad to leave at the end of the day. All good signs!

I did a short interview with her recently so I had to share her responses.

What is your favourite colour? Pink and brown
Who is your best friend? All my friends- Linda, Karina, Charlotte...
What is your favourite book? A to Z Animal book
What is your favourite store? The mall. The food store in the mall (Food Court?)
What is your favourite summer activity? Playing soccer
What is your favourite treat? Chocolate
What is your favourite food? Pancakes
What is your favourite drink? Juice
Where do you live? Canada (although she did say Phoenix another time I asked her)
What do you want to be for Halloween? Mermaid
What is your favourite TV show? Dinosaur Train, Dora, My Little Pony
What is your favourite toy? Big dog, big My Little Pony
What is your favourite activity? Doing crafts
What are you looking the most forward to about school? Playing

All photos are Audrey's school photos! I love the unique setting and how they really allow her personality to come out compared to traditional school photos.


  1. Those are her school pictures?! What happened to the cheesy backgrounds and posing with one hand under your chin. Not fair! Haha. She is looking so grown up

  2. Those photos are awesome. I am telling my preschool to do this! ha She is so sweet and getting so big!! I remember when she was born and it was just a few days ago I think! She's beautiful just like her mama.


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