Wednesday, November 2, 2016

~Halloween 2016~

It seemed like Halloween was so far away and now it's over!! We found Audrey's Halloween costume- a Mermaid at Costco in August and she had been asking for months to wear it! It took a bit longer to find Leo's because he insisted on Chase from Paw Patrol and I had a hard time finding one in his size. I almost ordered it online for a ridiculous price (he is Paw Patrol obsessed!) but found one locally just in time. 

For Preschool, they had the kids dress up on the Friday before Halloween- I still can not figure out why they did this when she had class on Monday- actual Halloween... but she wore her mermaid costume and was very excited. I didn't bother trying to get a photo that day because I knew I would get more on Halloween...

Until she decided last minute that she wanted to be a Princess and not a Wermaid!! Well I figured I would pick my battles and let her wear her princess dress from last year. It fit better this year anyway! 

She wanted to wear an old receiving blanket as a cape so I let her wear the cape from her baptismal gown instead. Finally came in handy 3 years later!


Chase from Paw Patrol- he was so ridiculous excited to wear his costume! 

Thankfully it was a nice evening, around 8- 10C so they didn't have to layer up too much. The cape actually hide Audrey's jacket quite well! We headed out at 6:15pm.

They loved going from house to house ringing door bells and saying "Trick or Treat!" Usually they said thank you but sometimes I had to remind them. Sometimes Audrey would chat with the people for a few minutes- not shy this night!

Audrey insisted that I wear my witch hat and all black!

A bunch of houses went all out with the decorations but it started to get too dark to take good photos.

This house had a motion-sensored witch on the front step. It terrified me before the kids noticed! Then when the people opened the door Leo tried to get into their house to escape the witch!

A random little boy hung out with us for a few houses since his parents and little sister were slower and behind.

Leo would not let me carry his bucket at all which was quite full after 45 minutes of trick or treating!

He did however use his dump truck to haul it around once we got home!

We ended up getting around 40-50 kids at our house- hubby stayed home to hand out the candy. We bought enough for 100 kids so we were giving away huge handfuls by the end! Next year I'm getting enough for 50 and when we run out, lights out!

I had so much fun trick or treating with the kids! They had a blast too!

Now if only all this candy would disappear and not into my mouth!


  1. Awww Leo is the cutest in that Paw Patrol costume! Where did you end up finding it? That IS silly that Audrey's school had them dress up on Friday and not Monday!? Weird. I'm glad it was so nice out Halloween evening! I wish it stayed lighter out for longer though for the sake of better pictures lol. They both looked so cute though!

  2. Aw I LOVE Leo's costume! So cute!! That is so odd they didn't dress on Halloween for sure! So silly. I am so glad it was such a nice night.

  3. Noah is just becoming Paw Patrol obsessed!!! He us actually requesting it over Peppa Pig and Wally!!! Lol! They both look Soo cute!!! Looks like you had list of fun taking them out!!! I know we did over here!!


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