Wednesday, November 23, 2016

~Oranj Fitness POUND class Review~

I love a new workout and what better way to try it with friends!

Jen, a fellow member of the 'blog squad' arranged for us to try a class at the new gym, Oranj Fitness in her city of Airdrie. Oranj Fitness offers over 90 classes a week ranging from barre, dance, yoga, bootcamp, and other fitness classes. Something for all!

We tried a POUND class- think drumming, dance party and a workout in one! Using light weight drumsticks designed for exercise, you transform drumming into a full body workout that combines cardio, conditioning and strength training. It's for all fitness levels. Yes, it IS as fun as it sounds!

Once we arrived at the gym, we had a tour of the facility which is gorgeous, bright and white! They have a small boutique as well which was so tempting to not buy it all!

And yes, I was quoting this sign after the workout!

Oranj Fitness even has complimentary childcare with all unlimited passes! What every parent wants to hear!

Each room is named after someone inspirational which is pretty neat!

The ladies change room/washroom was stunning! Chandeliers everywhere. Lots of different amenities, curling irons and blow dryers so you don't have to haul your own stuff from home every day!

A little inspirational quote to empower you before/after you workout!

We did our POUND workout in this room. They do a variety of different workouts in here so most of the equipment is for other workouts.

Cheryl was our instructor and she is a former drummer! She explained the workout to us, how to hold our drum sticks, showed us a few of the basic moves and then turned off the lights, turned on the black light and the strobe light! We put on some glow sticks and it was dance party time!


The class consisted on a lot of squats and drumming! There were about 4-5 sets of workouts- alternating between sitting, laying down or squatting on the mat. It really didn't feel like you were working out most of the time because you were having so much fun and the music really pumps you up!

What I liked best about the class is that it didn't matter if you were in exact unison with others, which was reassuring to me since I'm less than coordinated! It's easy to modify the workout depending on your fitness level. It definitely had me sweating in the warm up.

POUND was probably one of the funnest workout classes I have ever done! I never wondered when the class would be over and while I was definitely feeling the workout, especially in my quads, it was so enjoyable. 

I will admit that I had a bit of a headache going into the class so the strobe light was a bit bothersome. I did love the glow sticks and the party atmosphere though.  

If you are in the Airdrie area, you need to check out Oranj Fitness! They have all sorts of membership options and over 90 classes a week to choose from! 

Thanks Jen for organizing this class for us! 


  1. My booty is STILL sore from this workout! I loved it and wish I could go back RIGHTNOW!

  2. What a beautiful studio! And how fun does this class look!! I'm sad I wasn't in any shape to participate! I definitely want to try it when I'm not 100 months pregnant haha! We need an Oranj in Calgary!!

  3. Oranj sounds like a super fun gym!
    I'm sad my cold returned and is still kicking around :/

  4. That gym is gorgeous! Sounds like a fun class. I had no idea what it was going to be like when Jen organized it, but sounds way better than I imagined!

  5. It was so fun and such a pretty studio. So glad we tried it out!!


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