Monday, November 7, 2016

~Weekend Recap~

It's been awhile since I've done one of these recaps but we actually did some fun things this weekend for a change!

Rewinding back to Thursday, my sister-in-law, niece and nephew came over for a playdate. It was so nice the kids played in the backyard while we chatted.

Lukas was fussing on the ground so Audrey tried to pick him up! He's a bit big (18 lbs!) so Auntie helped sit him up so she could hold him. She loved it!

The weather was unreal for November last week so after Leo's nap we headed to the woods for a bike ride/walk.

We were even overdressed a bit! I think it was 16C outside!

Auntie L and Uncle C came over for dinner afterwards. They always keep the kids entertained or maybe it's the other way around ;)

Friday was a bit busy. I had a Doctor's appointment for a physical with our new GP. It was nice to only be 3 minutes away instead of 30+ minute drive! I think she will be a good Doctor- she really engages with the kids, asks me lots of questions and genuinely seems interested in my health and well-being. Unfortunately I didn't feel that way with my last doctor even though I saw her for 20 years!

Audrey had preschool in the afternoon so I thought I'd check out Toys R Us for a toy that was on sale for Christmas. Of course Leo fell asleep in the car so rather than wake him I called the store before I arrived to see if it was still in stock. SOLD OUT! Glad I didn't drag him in to find that out! Unfortunately he didn't stay asleep once we got home so we had some Mommy-Leo time before we picked up Audrey.

Before dinner these two decided to camp out in the playroom! It lasted for 5 minutes but it was cute!

Saturday morning the boys were up early to make pancakes! We have them trained well ;)

In the afternoon we went to Ryder's first birthday party! The kids had lots of fun eating all the yummy treats Alison made, crafting and colouring and playing with toys. I had fun catching up with all the other ladies there.

Sunday was the dreaded Daylights Saving Day which means Leo was up at 5:55am. I guess it could always have been worse but it still felt super early!

Actually, I am an extremely lucky parent to have a co-parent who wakes up early with the kids pretty much every time (except when they were small nursing babies). I won the lotto there!

Leo has been asking to go to the Zoo for awhile now to see the Dinos. Mommy fail- the Dinos Alive exhibit (animatronic dinos) closed down October 31st permanently and the rest of the Dinosaur Park is closed until the spring! I had planned to go one last time in September or October but life = busy so we never got around to it :(

Everyone was still excited to see the animals. A bunch of the exhibits are closed for construction and a few animals have either left (bye Rhino) or aren't available to see until construction is complete so we missed a few of our favourites.

We did however see the Snow Leopards up close which I don't think I've ever seen this close before! They must prefer the cool weather!

The red pandas were also out exploring and being active! Usually they are up high sleeping!

We caught the tiger training session again which is always entertaining! We've watched it before- about a year ago and maybe 6 months ago and you can see how much progress Kira, a 3 year old Amur tiger has made!

For the first time ever, we went for a ride on the carousel at the Zoo! We pass by it all the time but never gave in to the kids' requests to go on. It's a bit of a rip off- $3 a person for a short ride but it was well worth the excitement on their faces! Leo picked an elephant to ride and Audrey rode the river otter.

After lunch we checked out the gorillas. The baby is getting bigger but it was still hard to see her since there were lots of people there.

Audrey was very interested in learning more about the gorillas.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was pretty quiet. Hubby had a meeting to go to so Audrey and I crafted and relaxed while Leo napped. 

For once I was not sad to see the weekend end because we took the week off work!! We are having a staycation while the kids are still in the dayhome to work on some projects, have some day dates and relax! It's been a busy year so we opted to skip Phoenix this fall in lieu of some quiet time at home before things get really crazy with Christmas! 

What was the best part of your weekend?

Do you like staycations or do you always have to travel when you take time off work?


  1. Sounds like a great and busy weekend!! Our kids love the merry go round too but we on't do it when Daddy comes!
    That's awesome you found a dr you like, I will cry when my retires. He only works 2 days now...
    Thanks again for coming to the party.

  2. You guys had a fun and busy weekend! It was great seeing you :) We did that in August after we went away- it was nice to have time during the day to do stuff together and get things done that aren't easy with kids

  3. You guys had a great weekend! Minus that early morning wake up ;) Yay for husbands who will get up early! Thankfully, Sully wasn't affected by it much and still slept in. We've only done the merry go round once, and that was when Jim (and his parents) were with us - we also did the train that time too - that's one I definitely can't do if I'm alone (I refuse to leave my stroller unattended!). But ya, it would get pricey if we did it every time.

  4. I cannot believe this weather - I will take the Oct snow for this!
    My girls were up early with daylight savings too. Avery has adjusted now but Chloe has not - babies ;)
    I find the zoo in the off season to be way better, less people and the animals are always out more.
    Enjoy your week off - we have had staycations almost every year to just relax and catch up!

  5. Sounds like a fun weekend!!! I miss the Calgary Zoo!! It was soo awesome!! Yr new kitchen looks so pretty!!!


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