Monday, November 21, 2016

~Weekend Recap~

Another whirlwind weekend that has me wondering where it went and why I didn't sleep enough!

On Thursday, winter arrived! But that didn't stop Alison and I from making a last minute decision to brave the cold and snow for a Zoo trip with the kids! We are Canadian after all and fun can't stop when it's cold out! We mostly stuck to the inside exhibits. We practically had the Zoo to ourselves which was nice.

We finally saw the baby gorilla since the last few times it's been so crowded. She was quite active, running around and climbing all over the place. 

Sheldon the tortoise is always entertaining.

We stopped for snacks in the atrium.

In the afternoon the snow was still on the sidewalk and driveway, so the kids and I headed out to shovel it. I told hubby when we moved that snow removal was a blue job since we have a huge sidewalk now... well how convenient that he was up in Edmonton when we got snow! It wasn't much snow but it was quite icy underneath.

The kids wanted to continue playing with their shovels in the backyard. 

On Friday, we headed to the store in the morning to pick up some supplies for our Operation Christmas Child shoe box. Audrey wanted to gift a 4 year old girl. She did a great job of picking out various items and also experienced my annual dilemma of seeing all the things you want while trying to Christmas shop!

Both kids had Doctor's checkups before Preschool. Audrey had been complaining of headaches almost night for the past few days. The Doctor said she is getting over a virus so to keep an eye on the headaches and come back in if they persist. So far she hasn't had one since mid-last week so hopefully it was just from the virus.

They are both growing well and there are no concerns.

After nap it was craft and sticker time which usually makes a huge mess but keeps the kids entertained. Plus it's cute when they play nicely together. 

Saturday was a busy day! Audrey had dance in the AM which was also the parent viewing class. Leo kept asking where Audrey was and trying to peek through the door! It was so cute!

They had us participate in their mini-performance, teaching us all their dance moves. Audrey was so excited to teach Leo, even if he just wanted to run around the room!

Later in the afternoon we saw Disney on Ice Worlds of Enchantment. I remember when I went to see Ice Capades when I was around Audrey's age and loved it! Audrey is a fan of any Disney princess and Leo is Cars-obsessed so it was perfect for them (and me!).

Frozen- the highlight of the show

Audrey and Leo were pretty serious most of the show, taking it all in. Once Frozen came on, Audrey was up dancing and singing along. In her princess dress of course!

I tried so hard to avoid the tables of merchandise but the kids asked so nicely for "something special". Even if the Frozen wand gives me a seizure from the flashing lights!

The show ended right at dinner time so we went to a sushi restaurant close by.

Sunday morning we braved Costco and then the Calgary Farmer's Market. Both were a bit insane but we survived and the kids enjoyed the play area at the market.

Sunday afternoon I headed to Oranj Fitness in Airdrie to check out a new workout class called POUND with some of the blog squad. Fun is an understatement! More details on that to come later this week! Think drumming, glow sticks and strobe light. Almost like a dance party!

We took it easy for the remainder of the evening before the start of another busy week.

Today, at Preschool pick up Audrey asked me when it's the weekend again! Poor girl is feeling Monday!


  1. BUSY for sure! But I got to see you twice! Win! :) The Ice Capades looks like so much fun. Did you hear the show on Sunday didn't go? Everyone showed up and there was no Sunday show, they were tearing everything down! Crazy.

  2. Such a fun, busy weekend. Disney on ice seems like it would be so fun. It was great to see you on Sunday, too bad we didn't have more time to visit though!

    1. Yes! So fun! Next time we will have a longer visit!

  3. You guys are brave for going to the zoo that day! I wouldn't even take Sully out for a walk that day haha #momoftheyear ;) Although it would be nice not to have to deal with a bunch of crowds. I didn't even know Disney on Ice was coming, but how fun!! I love that Audrey dressed up for it. I'm sad I missed seeing you guys on Sunday, but I can't wait to read all about the class!

  4. Looks like so much fun, ALL OF IT!! We need to get Rylie to one of these little shows so badly.

    1. It was so fun to see all the kids so excited!! Everyone was singing along! Definitely a must-see!


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