Monday, November 28, 2016

~Weekend Recap~

For once, I was really looking forward to Monday this week! Although to be honest, I feel lucky that I don't usually dread the start of the week too often.

So why was I looking forward to Monday? I did far too much adulting this weekend and I needed a break!

 After much contemplation and figuring out our schedule, we decided to start potty training Leo this weekend. I wanted 4 days in a row that we could dedicate to the cause. We had great success using the 3 day potty training method with Audrey so I wanted to start there with Leo.

We hyped up the big boy underwear for weeks. We bought rewards cars together, made up a sticker chart and had small treats on hand for pees on the potty.

Audrey was a huge help and really had him excited for going on the potty. She wanted a treat as well so she asked if she helped would she get a treat. Bribes work here!

We spent most of Thursday lounging around in our pjs (Leo with only underwear) and had a lot of accidents but that's expected. I was prepped with a billion pairs of underwear, pee pads and old towels.

I enjoyed the much needed break during nap time, while Audrey was preoccupied with play-doh.

Audrey and I also made cupcakes.. I suggested muffins, she said cupcakes. Who am I to say no to cupcakes? I'm not sure I would recommend baking while potty training and having the appliance repair man come by- the cupcakes weren't the best but still edible.

Audrey contributed by helping decorating them.  She's good at the sprinkles!

It was also my Mom's birthday on Thursday so it seemed fitting to make cupcakes even if we couldn't eat them with her.

By that evening I was DONE! Potty training is a test of wills! Thankfully I had a hair appointment that evening so I did get a break.

Afterwards I ventured to Lowes to check out washer and dryer sets since the appliance repairman confirmed that our washer is definitely done and so it likely isn't worth even trying to repair the dryer. They still work, but not for long. Might as well take advantage of the Black Friday sales while we can.

I had it narrowed down to two sets so I went home to do a bit of research (plus it was closing time). I ended up finding an even better deal at Costco online and they deliver to your room of choice so I ended up ordering from them. I'm looking forward to a new, quieter laundry set! We went with the blue one above (and not because it was blue).

Friday was another day of potty training. We did have preschool drop off and it was crazy hair day! I found a couple ideas on Pinterest that I knew we could do. She was very excited for her pipecleaner hair!

She made the "balloon" at the bottom.

Potty training and parenting in general that day was a struggle. Kids fighting, endless meltdowns and so many accidents! I know it's to be expected and I did have low expectations but it was frustrating.

Saturday was another day of seclusion for Leo and I. Audrey went to dance and they ran a couple errands after. It was nice out so hubby started putting up the Christmas lights.

At one point I heard the kids say they wanted to go outside too. I was in the kitchen but I heard Audrey helping Leo get dressed. Then they went outside and a minute later hubby came in laughing to say that Leo needed pants! Audrey helped him put on his socks, coat and boots but no pants!!

In the afternoon, the Christmas lights guys came with the cherry picker to trim the tree and install the lights on the high parts of the roof. Leo woke up to this view outside his window!

I can safely say that is not a job I would want to do!

The house does look pretty with all the lights up now! Still have a few more strings to put up. We haven't even started decorating the inside yet! Maybe next weekend.

Being housebound most of the weekend we did a lot of colouring and crafts. In a way it was nice to have a slower weekend, with few plans but it was still exhausting to be chasing after Leo all day long to make sure he didn't have an accident.

At one point he insisted on wearing pants. Thankfully he didn't have an accidents in them. Or maybe he did- I lost count. I know I did a lot of laundry on the weekend!

Pretending to be a snail... with the hand drawn snail Audrey made him.

Sunday we broke out of house arrest and went down the street to get Leo's hair cut. He was a champ and sat perfectly still and didn't have any accidents.

However he was sad that he didn't get to go to the grocery store with Daddy and Audrey because we didn't want to risk any accidents since he still wasn't tell us when he needed to go. He even sat on the potty to convince them he could go. Maybe a grocery trip next weekend will motivate him!

We also worked on Santa's letters. Leo was more into putting the stickers on than telling me what he wanted for Christmas!

In the afternoon, Audrey and I snuck away from the boys for some shopping/girl time. Going to the mall was a mistake-- too many people there. I didn't even end up getting much, other than out of the house! I think I am going to stick to online shopping as much as I can. 

So now you can see why I was looking so forward to going back to work this week! Thankfully the dayhome is willing to keep working with Leo on potty training so hopefully with some consistency he will catch on. We don't have time to be housebound anymore!

What was the highlight of your weekend?
What was the low?


  1. Sounds like a nice weekend despite being stuck at home and potty training. It is one exhausting task that's for sure!
    You house looks beautiful!
    And Leo's hair cute is so so cute!!
    I hope your next weekend is easier! :)

  2. Aww I feel your pain, friend! ;) It was a loooong week being housebound, not that I feel like going anywhere most days, but still, knowing you shouldn't/can't leave is so different. That's great that the day home is willing to continue working with him on it though!
    Your Xmas lights look great! Are they regular ones, or the LED ones that stay up all year? We have our outside lights up, but haven't decorated at all inside yet either. This week!

  3. Audrey's hair looks so cute for crazy hair day! And congrats on surviving lock down for potty training. I can imagine that is a little rough! Leo's smile in the last picture is so adorable!


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