Tuesday, December 27, 2016

~Baby N #3: 16-18 Weeks~

How big is Baby N?

Baby is the size of a side of Guacomole! Haha that's an interesting comparison! And now I want guacamole and chips.

Aversions or Cravings?

Still craving all the carbs but also salads and fruit. I still have to choke down meat but at least I can have it on my plate without my stomach turning. I also want ice cream all the time. Good thing it isn't readily available in my house or I would be in trouble.


I'm starting to feel the baby but it's still pretty subtle. I wonder if I have an anterior placenta this time since I don't feel the baby as much as I seem to remember feeling the other two at this point. I'm sure it will come in time though. I also might not feel as much movement at this point because I'm too busy taking care of 2 other kids!

How I'm feeling?

I refilled my prescription for Diclectin and feel pretty good. I will continue to take it since it took about 5 days to feel good again after I missed a few days when I ran out. My energy is still low, especially in the evenings. You might find me napping on the couch before or after dinner. I'm just glad to not be nauseous and puking all the time.

What I'm Wearing?

Mostly maternity clothes, with a new non-maternity shirts and leggings. Maternity clothes are so much more comfortable and I don't want to stretch out my regular clothes. I found some good leggings from Blanqi (thanks for the recommendation Alison!) and I bought a couple new Isabella Oliver dresses (on sale). I don't want to buy too much since it's my last baby but I also want to feel good for the next 5 months.

Belly Button?

Still in

I'm tired all the time so sleep usually comes easily, unless I've napped too long and then I can't sleep at night! I'm still able to half sleep on my tummy so I am not uncomfortable yet.


Still not able to muster the energy for consistent workouts yet. It doesn't help that I'm not a morning person and that I'm so tired in the evening. I did manage to fit in a couple workouts last week and being off this week for the holidays I have no excuse to not workout a few more times! I know it will benefit me in the long run. I'm also considering signing up for a prenatal yoga/exercise class in January to get me going.

What I'm Excited for? 

Our next ultrasound this week! We won't be finding out the gender this time (sorry!) which will be hard to resist but it will be fun to see the baby anyway! I'm hoping she/he is healthy and cooperative.

What I Miss? 

Energy, working out and wine. It's hard during the holidays to not be able to enjoy some drinks but I come prepared with sparkling juice and hubby made me some mulled apple cider!


Midwife appointment last week where we heard the baby again! Heartbeat sounds good. Audrey insisted on 'helping' hold the doppler and push the button.

Christmas festivities with all our family! The kids had a blast which makes all the rough parts of pregnancy and parenting worth it!

Baby Purchases & Projects?

I found a bassinet stand on Kijiji. We had the same one for the other children but part of it broke from not storing it properly. 
I also ordered a hat for the baby. It's hard to shop when you don't know the gender, which is probably a good thing!

Weekly Belly Pic

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  1. Look at that belly!! LOVE it. I miss dressing the bump. I hate so many of my clothes now cause they looked better with the belly. ha


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