Tuesday, December 13, 2016

~Baby N #3: First Trimester~

I'm still a bit in disbelief that we are doing this for the THIRD time but we kind of feel like pros now. Haha- yah right. If we have learned anything, it's that each pregnancy and child are different.

Deciding to have a 3rd baby was not as easy as deciding on the first two. I did not have extreme baby fever (or any) after Leo. I knew that if we did have a 3rd we would have a larger age gap this time. We felt fairly content with our busy boy and girl and there seemed to be so many reasons to not have a 3rd. Most people I talked to knew that I felt on the fence about a 3rd. However, it was still in the back of our minds. We knew for sure that we wanted to move before we tried for another but we also knew that we didn't want too big of an age gap. 

Finding Out

In the middle of September (about 6 weeks after we moved), I figured I better test because I was late. I normally have longer cycles, and I felt like I could be getting my period but it never came. Also my boobs seemed fuller which is never a period symptom for me. 

I took the test as soon as I got home from work. The kids were fighting so I had to abandon the test for a few minutes while I dealt with them. When I came back, there were two dark lines. I was surprised, yet not. I also had a minor panic attack on how I was going to take care of a 3rd when it was already chaotic with two! Too late now!

I left the test for hubby to see and he was surprised but admitted he had a feeling. He was very excited.

We waited a few weeks to tell the kids. Mostly because I didn't want Audrey to tell anyone before I was ready to share the news. When we did tell them, she was very excited! She had asked me right after we moved if I could have a baby. Leo on the other hand doesn't fully understand. He also thinks we are getting a new mommy and a new daddy, along with the new baby. He also thinks he has a baby in his belly. 

I did wait until after the 12 week ultrasound to share the news with work which is why I didn't publicly announce until past the first trimester. So this update will be for the first trimester, up until 15 weeks (I'm currently 17 weeks now).

How big is Baby N #3?
15 weeks- the size of a cassette tape!

I found this fun article that gives baby size comparisons to something other than the usual fruit and vegetables!

Baby's 1st Photo!

We had our first ultrasound in November at 12 weeks, 3 days. They pushed back my due date by 2 days (long cycles) so it's now May 22nd. So far everything looks good! And we were hugely relieved that there is only one baby in there!

Remember how I said every pregnancy is different? This one has been VERY different from my first two.

Aversions or Cravings?

Meat and cooking in general made me want to throw up. I had zero appetite yet if I didn't eat small meals frequently then my nausea was/is terrible. I crave salty things and white bread. We NEVER have white bread in our house, and I rarely eat bread but we had some leftover from Thanksgiving dinner from the stuffing. Hubby made me some toast with it and I basically lived on it for 3 months. Along with Lays regular chips. Good thing I'm taking a billion prenatal vitamins to make up for my less than stellar diet. What's a vegetable?

How I'm feeling?

I felt good from week 5-7 and then morning/all day sickness hit. I felt nauseous all the time, headaches, and dry heaves and puking. Sometimes I get bloody noses too! Add in the first trimester fatigue and I was a ball of fun!

I finally asked my midwife for Diclectin at 12 weeks. I wish I had started it earlier. I kept thinking that I would feel better but good days were rare. Even with Diclectin, my energy is low. I sleep a lot. I guess this is is just how it's going to be. Grow baby!

This has certainly been my hardest pregnancy of the three to this point. Maybe things will be less complicated at the end.


Nothing that I would say was 100% baby. 


All the time! I could nap any time, any where if I didn't have things to do and children to keep alive. Sometimes I am able to catch a nap in the afternoon but often it messes with my night time sleep so I try to keep those ones short.


Hahahahaha see above "all day sickness" and no energy. I didn't work out for 7 weeks which is the longest I've gone between workouts since Leo's birth. Hopefully soon I can start to regularly add some exercise in since I know it will make me feel better mentally and there are so many benefits to remaining fit while pregnant. However I am trying to be gentle with myself that right now my body needs rest and workouts won't benefit me when I don't feel well and have zero energy.

Weight Gain?

By the end of the 1st trimester I was up 6 lbs. I'm pretty sure that's the most I've gain in the 1st trimester but I was also NOT active at all and ate everything white in sight. And really it isn't that much so I'm trying to not worry about it. I am definitely showing much sooner than I did before. And my boobs have gone up a size or two so that has to account for some weight right? ;)

What I'm Wearing?

I was definitely into maternity pants early but a lot of my regular shirts and dresses fit until 13 weeks or longer. I was also still trying to hide my bump for the first 14 weeks so that made it difficult to dress.

What I'm Excited for? 

Some energy!! To workout again. To feel the baby kick!

What I Miss? 

My energy. Not feeling nauseous all the time. Working out and running. My clothes fitting. I'm in the awkward part where I look chubby and not quite pregnant.


Seeing the baby at the 12 week ultrasound was wonderful! Confirming there is only one in there!
Also hearing the heartbeat at the midwives was very exciting- especially since Audrey was able to hear it too!

Baby Purchases & Projects?

Nothing! We won't be doing a nursery right away so no need to plan and organize that. We have almost everything from the other two so closer to the day we will need to get a few things since this will be a late spring baby versus winter baby. We will not be finding out the gender this time either so that should curb some of the pre-baby shopping!

Weekly Belly Pic


  1. Sounds like such a rough first trimester! Definitely hoping you're feeling better now. You look fabulous.

  2. We had the same idea today :) Glad you are starting to feel better. Did you end up getting your prescription refilled?

  3. SO sweet!!! I love reading these little things. Hope you're feeling better soon and get that energy up :)

  4. This is so exciting! Happy to hear you are feeling better I like the comparison to things other than fruit....creative!

  5. I like those comparisons! Man, I can sympathize with the crappy first trimester. I'm glad you're starting to feel better.

  6. Ahh I am just soo excited for you!!! Now you can tell me how 3 is so I can make a decision haha. I'm currently sitting on the fence haha. I'm thinking girl this time!!!

  7. I hope it gets better from here for you!! Feeling crappy all the time is no fun, I remember it fondly! ha Doesn't Diclectin make you so tired? I was like a zombie/high on it, I couldn't take it. I would rather feel sick.

  8. OK, at first I was like, Baby N?! Why N? Brain fart (had to check Facebook to make sure I wasn't losing my mind). Do you go by your maiden name only on FB?

    Anyway...more importantly, so sorry you've had such a rough go so far! I can't imagine feeling that crappy and running after two kiddos and working part time. I hope you were able to get your prescription filled on Sunday and I also hope that the nausea goes away altogether for you asap! I don't want to wait until May to find our what you are having!! Haha!! ;)

  9. I am sorry you have not felt good! That is my concern with #3 and having two kids, so you are a rockstar! I hope your medication helps :)
    I am with Brie, I do not want to wait until May either for the gender haha.
    Congrats again!


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