Monday, December 19, 2016

~Last Weekend before Christmas Recap~

This weekend ended up being a shorter one for me- only 3 days instead of 4.

On Wednesday afternoon, I drove up to Canmore with my team from work for our annual planning retreat.

The rocky mountains are so gorgeous! I feel so lucky that they are in my backyard.

It was bitterly cold out, -26C and -32C with the windchill, yet not a lot of snow so ALL of our activities on Thursday were cancelled! We were going to go tubing at Mt. Norquay, go for a horse-drawn sleigh ride and then up the gondola to Sulphur Mountain for dinner at the Sky Bistro.

Instead we stayed warm inside playing games-Watch Yo Mouth, Anomie, Exploding Kittens, and a candy cane game. I was the only sober one so it was highly entertaining!

We stayed at the Grand Rockies Resort right in Canmore and mostly congregated in the large penthouse. We did go to the hotel restaurant for lunch and our Secret Santa exchange. I did keep my slippers on though!

In the late afternoon, we headed into Banff to check out the store and have dinner. I tried to convince the team to buy matching ski suits but they weren't interested.

I even managed to find a couple Christmas gifts while out shopping so that was productive! Although the candy store was closed :(

We went to Park for dinner which was pretty good. The atmosphere was neat. I wasn't overly impressed with my food (fish and chips) but it wasn't terrible. The service was fantastic so if you are looking for a pub type setting then I recommend this place.

I drove home that night after dinner while the rest of the team stayed to continue the retreat on Friday. 

Friday morning we had Audrey's Parent Teacher interviews for preschool. Her teacher gave her glowing reviews for everything! She was shocked that it was her first year of preschool since she is excelling academically and socially. Smart girl makes her parents proud! It's funny because she doesn't tell us about her day at all when we ask her but she is doing well, learning lots and behaving herself!

Her brother on the other hand was a terror during the interview. I suspect he won't listen quite as well or be as focused when he starts preschool next year. He will be younger though.

I caught this moment with the two of them snuggling together! Audrey is such a little mama to her brother!

Friday afternoon the kids went to their grandparents for a sleep over. I feel like I barely saw them but when you are offered babysitting you take it! They just came back from Phoenix so they were excited for some grandchildren time!

I ran a bunch of errands after I dropped the kids off. Some last minute Christmas shopping and driving around the city to pick up some Kijiji purchases.

We were both exhausted from the long week so we just went to National in Westhills for dinner. I had never been and I can now say I've experienced the pub setting at National. It was good but I certainly won't be rushing to return anytime soon.

We debated going to a movie but there wasn't anything we both wanted to see (I wasn't interested in paying to nap through Rogue One). Instead we went home and watched The Holiday. I thought I hadn't seen it before but turns out I have. I guess it wasn't that memorable for me. I fell asleep halfway through so while it's a good movie, I was too tired to stay awake!

Saturday was a quiet morning until the kids returned from the Grandparents. They ended up staying for lunch so it was nice that we got to visit with them too.

I wasn't feeling great so I ended up falling asleep with Leo when I put him down for his nap. We both slept till 4:30. Daddy and Audrey ran some errands and she picked some paint for the doll bed he is making her for Christmas (that she knows about). Elsa blue!

That night after the kids were in bed, fast asleep so I thought, I went to the basement to start wrapping presents. I always forget about this part! I turned on Love Actually since it's my favourite holiday movie and got to work.

 I managed to power through and wrap about 70% of the gifts but at 11:15pm it was time to turn in. I went upstairs to discover that Leo was in fact NOT sleeping and made a huge mess in the bonus room and was playing in the living room. Hubby was working in the garage so he didn't hear him either. I guess I should have turned the baby monitor on...

Sunday morning we attended family Christmas Brunch at the Ranchman's Club. The kids were very excited to get dressed up and see Santa! I was excited for the yummy food!

They had lots of entertainment- carolers, a clown, a magician and of course, Santa!

Audrey was a bit nervous at first to sit on Santa's knee but she quickly got over that and told him all about the parrot she wants. Leo looked kind of bored!!

Both kids were pretty excited about their gifts from Santa- a Monster High doll for Audrey (not a creepy one though) and a riding hippo for Leo.  

In the afternoon I braved the mall to get the last few items on my list. It was a bit crazy so I'm glad it was a short trip. I managed to get everything minus one small item so now I just have to finish all the wrapping. It's hard to believe Christmas is in less than a week!

Do you like The Holiday or Love Actually better? 

What's your favourite board or card game to play?


  1. Good job Audrey! I wish Avery could do to preschool but the times are just dumb for working parents so there is no way I am going to even try it.
    Can you believe I have never seen Love Actually?!
    I cannot believe it is Christmas this week! Where did the year go?

  2. Yay Audrey. I watched The Holiday this weekend too. I'm hoping to watch Love Actually eventually, who can resist Hugh Grant.

  3. Way to go Audrey! Did you go to Canmore with R+F people or your part time job? Sucks that it was too cold out that you couldn't do your planned activities!

  4. Omg, your kids are so so cute! Very photogenic :)
    I love The Holiday - one of my faves. I have to admit, I've never seen Love Actually...eeep!

  5. Preschool interviews?! We don't get those!! So great she is doing so awesome. D also never tells me what they do! That's so nice to have a little getaway to the mountains. I have been wanting to get out there with the kids if it warms up!

  6. Funny we had terrible customer service at Park and Tyler had to send the fish and chips back because it was raw! I love national west hills in the sense that it's a great place to bring kids if you want to drink but I'm not a huge fan of the food 😬


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