Monday, December 5, 2016

~Weekend Recap- Getting Ready for Christmas~

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! By that, I mean it's snow covered outside and I spend a lot of the weekend decorating!!

Rewinding back to Thursday, we met up with Brie and Sully at the Central Library downtown to check out Engine 23 and story time with a firefighter. There is a fire truck inside of the library that you can climb into and explore. The library is hosting Engine 23 related programs several times during the week, including story time with a firefighter that we went to.

The kids had a blast! It was very interactive with singing, movement and reading. They even had kid sized fireman coats and hats for the kids to wear!

Leo was in his glory!

The other highlight was the coin donation 'bin'. The kids were begging for more coins to spin down. Nickels and quarters work well!

We went upstairs so the kids could play and check out the books while Brie and I visited. Afterwards we went across the street to grab a quick lunch before heading back on the train to home.

Someone was played out!

Leo woke up when I put him in the car and didn't go back to sleep so he was a bit grumpy. We solved that problem by eating snacks and watching Christmas movies.

Anddddd my washing machine finally died-- in the middle of washing a huge load of kids clothes. I wanted to cry! Remember- we are in the middle of potty training... I didn't know exactly when the new washer/dryer set I ordered would arrive. I wasn't in a huge rush when I ordered it the week before since my set still worked but I wasn't sure how long I could go without washing clothes!

Friday we baked cookies which I imagined would be a nice memory for the kids but in actuality, it was stressful and probably not something I want them to remember! Huge props to those of you that bake/cook with your kids-- it's not something that I enjoy. I already consider myself a 'nervous baker' so adding kids into the mix is stressful!

First Leo dumped baking soda everywhere...

Then when I went to roll out the dough, both kids thought the flour was there for them to play in... remember, I didn't have a working washing machine at the moment!

In the end it was fun, the mess was eventually cleaned up and I learned that next year I will probably make the cookies without the kids and just decorate them with them!

After preschool drop off, Leo and I headed to the post office to mail Santa letters.

He made sure Audrey's was sent too.

Confession: every Friday after preschool drop off I detour to Starbucks for a coffee and take the long way home so that Leo falls asleep in the car. Then I can easily transfer him to his bed for his nap and I don't have to fight to get him to go down. I especially needed that coffee this week!

Friday night I did a bit of Christmas shopping in the evening. I would have preferred to be curled up on the couch than fighting mall crowds and parking lots!

Saturday was a busy day! Hubby came to the rescue and made some calls on Friday to see if he could get a washer/dryer set delivered sooner than the other set I had ordered. He managed to find one for almost the same price as the smokin' deal I got on the other set and it was delivered Saturday morning!! I was one happy wife to see those old ones go and the new, quiet, working ones arrive! I didn't realize how bad the other ones were until I used the new ones and I had to keep checking if they were on!

After Audrey's dance, we went to Michael's to check out their ornament selection. I have always wanted a themed tree but I also love our tree with all the sentimental, mismatched ornaments. Our house is now big enough to have 2 trees! Plus we had our old pre-lit tree still since we now carry on hubby's family tradition of cutting down a Christmas tree.

I checked out Pinterest and was overwhelmed by the tree ideas. Did I want rustic, or all white, or silver, or silver and aqua? I normally like to go pretty traditional with our Christmas decor-- it's mostly red, green and gold. Well, Michaels had it all! I was kind of leaning towards silver and white when I asked Audrey and she pointed to the box with purple, green, teal and blue. Those are colours that I normally like so I decided to go with it!

We also bought a bunch of garland to decorate the railings with. Something I've always wanted to do and finally have an exposed railing!!

In the afternoon, Audrey and I started decorating the house while hubby went to his annual men's Christmas get together. After nap, we headed downtown to pick him up and go to our friends' annual Christmas party. They kept it small this year which was nice. Their kids are close in age to ours. Times have changed and we didn't stay late like we have in the past. Fine by me!

Sunday morning we woke up to a lot of snow! Winter wonderland out there!

We decorated the sugar cookies we made on Friday. This part was much less stressful! Audrey's favourite part was putting on sprinkles- a lot of sprinkles! Leo was more interested in eating the cookies but he decorated his fair share.

Some of the finished product.

Hubby was enjoying his new 'toy'- he cleared the snow 3x throughout the day! The disadvantage to having a corner house- the sidewalk that goes with it!

The kids enjoyed the snow in the backyard while I stayed cozy warm inside (and cleaned up).

During nap time I started decorating the upstairs tree. I set it up all by myself which I have never done before! I even managed to get the ribbon on without too much effort which is probably a first!

The kids helped me decorate the tree with all the colourful balls. I had to do a bit of rearranging after but they did a good job!

Final results! I just need to find or make a tree skirt.

I pretty much love it!

I also decorated the rest of the house with garland, and hung the stockings. The living room no longer looks so bare!

My Christmas stuffies have been taken over by the kids. They aren't lined up in a row like this anymore!

I forgot to take pictures of the garland I put all around the railings. We will put up our main floor Christmas tree next weekend after we cut it down... if it isn't too cold.

The family has also been enjoying their Advent Calendars.  

Chocolate for the Kids...

Whisky for the husband...

I feel a little left out! Next year I'm gong to have to research my Advent Calendar options! Tea,  makeup, chocolate! 
We were supposed to go to my sister's house for dinner to celebrate my Mom's birthday however she was feeling a bit 'under the weather'- self-inflicted, so we decided to post pone. While I was sad to not see the family, I didn't complain about staying in comfy clothes all day and extra time to tackle my mile-long to-do list!

 I can't believe it's less than 3 weeks until Christmas!!


  1. Wow you were busy! Your tree looks awesome. I love having a tree on both levels and one for the kids ornaments!! I love baking with D but I can see adding Ryder into the mix will not be all the fun! ha I want a fun advent too but I don't know if I want tea and haven't really seen other cool ones. Glad you got your washer and dryer sooner!!

  2. You guys have been busy!

    Baking is stressful with kids but they have so much fun so I let it go. Liam is always so proud of the things he helps me bake that the extra mess doesn't matter to me.

    I have washer and drier envy!

    I need a fun advent for myself one of these years!

  3. Yay for a new washer/dryer! Your tree turned out so beautiful, and how fun that you get to cut down and decorate another one. The kid's cookies turned out great! :)

  4. Busy, busy! I've heard about the fire truck at the library and have been meaning to go. Looks like the kids loved it! We only have one tree, but have room for two now. Tempting, very tempting!

  5. Love all your decorations! And the new furniture looks great too! I need to get all my decorations out before the party on Saturday! Oh man, I would be upset too if my washer stopped working suddenly. Glad you were able to find the exact set but quicker delivery. Also, I don't bake with Sully either - stresses me out. I'm a terrible mom! Maybe when he's a bit older ;)


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