Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Revive Lifestyle Fitness: Workout Review

Last weekend, the blog squad was invited to check out a new workout studio in Calgary-  Revive Lifestyle Fitness

I quickly checked to see if the studio owners recommended if I try the workout given that I am ~22 weeks pregnant. They assured me that given my exercise experience, and low-risk pregnancy that I would be able to do the workout, with a few modifications. Excellent!

Upon entering the studio, I immediately noticed how serene the space is-- simple yet calming and inspiring. It reminded me a bit of a yoga studio and I immediately felt at ease and not as intimidated by the equipment as I am at other gyms. 

The workout studio

Workout of the Day

Lockers! They also had private change rooms and showers and complimentary towels to use for the workout.

Mike, the owner and our instructor for the day explained that Revive workouts combine low impact training with high intensity (or slightly lower intensity for me). The workouts change daily and are a combination of spinning (low-impact), rowing, TRX and kettle bell circuits. Personally I've had a bit of experience with each of those but never combined!

There are three types of classes at Revive:

1- Fundamentals which is an intro class where you learn proper technique using all the equipment and the different training zones to personalize the intensity. 
2- Revive which is their signature class and what we did. It incorporate H.I.I.T (high impact interval training) circuit training using the spin bikes, water rowers, TRX and kettle bells. 
3- Restore focuses on self myofascial release (foam roller and release balls) functional movements and mobility exercises. Excellent for rehabbing problem areas and creating balance in the body.

Once Mike gave us an introduction to the equipment and the workout, we started on the spin bikes. Instead of using heart rate training, you input personal information like your weight, age, and number of hours of cardio a week into the bike's computer and it sets your intensity levels for you. There is a light at the top of the computer so no cheating!!

White- warm up
Blue- low intensity/recovery
Green- medium intensity
Yellow- medium-high
Red- high intensity

The TV screen in front of us would tell us what zone we should be in, with a countdown and what the upcoming zone is. Plus Mike would coach us through, helping us push and reminding us to turn our bike dials up or down. 

Some red zone! Burn!

Spinning is hard work! I didn't spend as much time in the red zone as the workout called for but it was important for me to listen to my body and not push myself too much right now. Spinning was definitely more comfortable for me right now than running would be!

After about 16 minutes of a sweaty workout on the bike, we headed over to the rowers. These water rowers were gorgeous! They were made of wood, with water that helps minimize joint impact.

We kicked off our 2 circuits of the day with several minutes of rowing.

Then we picked up our kettle bells and did some dead weights and arm raises.

We hit the mat for some ab crunches- I modified and didn't use the kettle bell.

And then it was time for the TRX bands for some squats and pull-ups. These were fun!

We did another circuit that involved more ab work, incorporating the TRX. I modified because my abs are slightly compromised right now and I didn't want to hurt myself.

For our last round, we did partner work! Extra motivation!

One person was on the rower for a certain distance, starting at 500 m. Their partner was on the floor doing 10 burpees and then holding a plank until the rower was done! We did this for 7 minutes, alternating and then reducing time on the rower. I modified the burpees but it was still a workout getting up and down. I even developed heartburn which I rarely get!

The workout lasted about 50-55 minutes and it was a tough one! That stretch at the end was well deserved!

The blog squad and Mike, the owner and our instructor

Laura, Jen, Ange, Jo, Leslie, me, Leigh and Alison

What I loved about this class:
- Low-impact!! Not everyone can or wants to run so spinning is a great way to get that high intensity cardio workout without aggravating your joints. And with these bikes you can't cheat with those intensity lights!
- I never once checked my watch to see how much longer the class was! Definitely not boring!
- I was able to modify the workout to suit my specific situation and still felt like it was a great workout
- Mike was great at motivating us to push a little bit harder

Revive has a great selection of membership and pass options. Your first class is FREE and they have a great first month intro rate. You can check out all the pricing details here.

A huge thanks to Jen for organizing this class for us and to Mike at Revive Lifestyle Fitness for taking us through a tough, yet fun workout! I can't wait to try this class again.

Huge thanks to Laura at Scribbles and Sass for taking photos of us in action!


  1. I hope in a "regular" class setting more modifications would be given, especially for you and Leigh for the ab work.

    Other than that, this was such an awesome class and I'd love to return!

  2. I agree with Ange, that was one area I felt they missed was instructing you guys on modifications. Luckily you're pros and knew what to do for yourselves.

  3. I totally agree he should have given you guys some modifications or at least checked in with you even if you know to modify on your own. I like the class for sure, something different!


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