Monday, January 23, 2017

~Weekend Recap~

Oh this was a busy week+end so I'm glad I was able to relax most of Sunday!

The week started off with hubby and I getting a stomach bug. Not fun! Thankfully the kids were spared (I actually think they had a touch of it before).

Thursday was a busy day with appointments. We tried a new chiropractor in the area which involves a long initial consultation. Add kids into the mix and it was stressful. I can't blame them trying to sit still for 1.5 hours.

We came home for lunch and then headed out for our midwife appointment. Good thing the clinic is set up for children!

We then had to rush home because the plumber was coming to look at a couple things. Thankfully nothing major- just some drips to take care of.

In the evening I had a hair appointment so at least that was relaxing! My hair dresser is going on maternity leave for a year now so I need to find a temporary hair dresser until she is back up and running. Ahhhh- I might end up trying ombre! It's so hard to find a good (affordable) hairdresser.

Friday was another busy day of appointments. A couple weeks ago I got a rock chip and crack in my windshield. We only replaced the windshield a few months ago so we headed to CalAlta Glass to have the crack hopefully stopped. It actually didn't take very long at all- maybe 15-20 minutes. I'll definitely go back since I know more rock chips are in my future.

We went back home for lunch and then had to drop off Audrey at Preschool. I did my usual Friday routine of stopping at Starbucks and my buddy fell asleep on the way home! Transfer success!

After we picked up Audrey we dashed to Costco to get new tires on my car. We roamed around there for 45 minutes, trying all the samples and picking up a few things.

Afterwards we met up with Daddy at Kinjo for dinner. Audrey requested chopstick food!

Yes, Audrey is in her PJs- it was PJ day at school!

That night hubby and I watched The Heat which was hilarious!! Watch it!

Saturday Audrey had ballet in the morning and her class put on a little show for the parents. It was pretty cute and she did a great job keeping up! Leo was a bit upset at first that he didn't get to run around with her!

After an epic meltdown by Leo leaving the dance studio, we headed to Amelia's birthday party. I still can't stop laughing at how mad she gets when you sing to her!

I looked over and Leo was standing beside Amelia, waiting for his picture to be taken!

He then wanted me to sing happy birthday to him!

The kids enjoyed trying on the various animal masks!

After I dropped the kids off at home, I headed out to Revive Lifestyle Fitness to try a new workout with the blog squad. More on this to come in a later post. Spoiler alert- it was tough and sweaty!

Needless to say, I did nothing on Saturday night.

Sunday morning I slept in and still had a hard time getting up!

I skipped grocery shopping with the family since I had a lady coming by to check out some of my maternity clothes on Kijiji. She was over an hour late but she bought a few things.

I seem to have a crafting bug- I am finally getting around to doing a gallery wall in our bedroom (still haven't put the kids up in their rooms). I have looked all over for some art but wasn't loving anything so I decided to get creative. Good thing I hoard craft supplies.

Sneak peek at a canvas I made with doilies.

Audrey saw me painting and wanted to as well. She is much more creative than me! 

The doily at the top is for the baby!

I had to go back to Costco to have my wheels tightened (standard procedure) so I ran a couple more errands and then went back to relaxing for the rest of the evening. I'm starting to do birthday party prep so that is going to start filling a lot of my spare time in the upcoming weeks. 

Ok week- I'm ready for you! 


  1. That does sound very busy! Glad I got to see your twice though. Excited to see your gallery wall, I love crafting! It's nice you can do a joint party, I may try that next year and have it between their 2 birthdays...?

  2. My hairdresser went on mat leave 18 months ago, and I found a new one but never went back to the old one. I switched salons too since I thought it could be akward staying there - I mean what if I like the new one more?! haha.
    I hear you on party prep, I just hosed a baby shower and now have my Grandma's 80th and Chloe's 1st party!

  3. Glad you guys are feeling better! Stomach bugs are no fun especially when pregnant. Thanks again for coming to the party! Ooh what maternity clothes are you selling? Do share as I may be interested :)

  4. Wait, you've already replaced the windshield once on your new van??! That sucks! And I'm hoping you were just getting your winter tires off, not actually getting new tires? Yes, these are the things in your post I'm concerned about hahaha!!

    Audrey is so sweet in her ballet costume! I sure hope Emmy will want to take dance! If you find a new (and good) hair dresser you will have to let me know! I'm not that happy with the last girl I went to.

  5. Audrey looks soo tall in her ballet outfit!! Pretty girl!! Good job on transferring Leo - Noah wakes as soon as we either pull in the driveway or stop the car! I hear ya on hair dressers - I finally found a local one moving to our village, so that makes things super easy! Can't wait to see your craft project and gallery wall!! M and I are trying to decide on whether or not to do one in our great room. I like to be able to change the room around, but we mounted the TV now.


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