Friday, February 3, 2017

~Friday Five~

1. It's February! Which means crazy birthday month!! How did January go by so quickly? We have a birthday party every weekend this month, including Audrey & Leo's so it's going to be a fun yet busy one!

2. You know what I love about winter? My leg hair grows so much slower so I don't have to shave them nearly as often! They are still smooth for a week and don't get the gross stubbly hairs the way they do in the summer? Anyone else experience this? Normally I don't shave my legs as often in the winter anyway since they aren't bare often but the hair still grows.

3. Normally I'm not huge into diets, detoxes or limiting food groups but I've decided to do a 10 day sugar-free challenge next week. I'm just consuming way too much, not feeling good and feeling guilty about it. I did this just before I got pregnant with Audrey and it was hard but I felt way better. My goal is obviously not to lose weight but to gain control over my intense sugar cravings. Wish me luck!

4. January was a doozy for sickness in our house! First the stomach bug and then head/chest colds for all. I'm hoping for better health for all of us in February.

5. Despite all the sickness last month, I'm pretty happy with how I stayed on track with working out. Definitely better than the last few months. I'm finally feeling better and more energized. So far for February I'm 3 for 3 workouts.

Thanks to Leo for helping track my workouts with his colouring all over my calendar! :/

Happy Weekend all!!


  1. Boo to being sick!!! Feb is a busy birthday month!! Too busy haha! Do you have snapchat?

  2. I think I just get way lazier in winter about shaving my legs. Lucky Brian ;)

  3. Good luck to your sugar free, you have way more will power than I!!!

  4. How is your sugar free challenge going?? I sooo need to do one! My sugar cravings are out of control.


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