Monday, February 6, 2017

.:Leo: 3 Years:.

My baby is 3!! Some days he seems so little to me but lately it's become quite apparent that he is no longer a baby!  

Eating: Leo loves snacks! I have to be careful to not give him a snack to close to meal time or else he barely eats anything. He loves raisins, 'colours'- aka M&Ms in the trail mix, nuts, pretzels, raw veggies, toast with peanut butter and honey, yogurt, apples, bananas, grapes, most fruit actually, granola bars, triangle wraps (wraps with melted cheese). He isn't big on meat- he will devour all his veggies before touching his meat. Sometimes he likes cheese and other times he won't touch it. He has a sweet tooth like the rest of the family.

After having him re-tested, his sensitivities for dairy and soy have gone down. We have reintroduced them into his diet and for the most part his skin is better. I think soy is still an issue for him since when he eats it he gets rashy in the face and he has had a few eczema spots lately. We will have to reduce them again in the spring/summer when the grasses are pollinating since that's his major allergen.

Sleeping: For the most part Leo is still a good sleeper. He isn't quite ready to drop his afternoon nap but if we let him sleep too long then he stays up past 9:30-10pm and/or wakes up by 6am. We bought him one of those Groclocks so he knows not to get out of bed "till the sun". Usually he follows it and starts shouting when the sun comes out so he can escape his room!

He still naps 1.5-2.5 hours per day. On the days he misses his nap he can be a disaster at dinner time so we will keep the nap until his night time sleep gets interrupted. And to be perfectly honest, it's for Mommy and Daddy's sanity too!

Potty Training Update: We figured he was ready to start potty training just before Christmas (about 2 months ago). We mostly followed the 3 day potty training method, other than keeping pull ups on for nap time. It was the usual accident after accident for the first week but then he seemed to get it. Our dayhome was on board with continuing the training so that was helpful. However she would take him to the potty every 45 minutes or so, and he would usually go pee. At home, other than before we would go out somewhere or before bed/nap time, we didn't enforce a regular bathroom interval because I believe that you go when your body tells you, not every 45 minutes. Well Leo started to get lazy and over Christmas break he had accident after accident. He just didn't care. We tried putting a pull up on over his underwear to reduce the mess for us but he didn't care about having wet underwear next to his skin. We decided to go back to pull ups and wait until he shows more interest. The day home still keeps him dry most days by taking him to the bathroom regularly but I'm not willing to do that after a month of potty training so until he shows more interest, he stays in diapers/pull ups. He does have to be potty trained for Preschool in September and we tell him that he needs to give his diapers to the new baby so hopefully that will help motivate him to use the potty.

Weight/Size: He hasn't been weighed recently but in November he was 29lbs and 37 inches long. I know he has had a growth spurt since then. He is wearing mostly 3T clothes, although for all his non-legging pants he has to have the adjustable waist band or else his pants fall off. He is wearing size 8-9 shoes.

Hair and eyes: His hair is dirty blonde but getting darker and thicker. He has a few curls if we keep it longer. He has had a couple hair cuts so far and he sits perfectly still for them. His eyes are blue.

Talking: He is a chatty little boy, making conversation with everyone. He loves talking about cars, and dinosaurs. He points out his favourite cars whenever we are driving or walking, always asking "what's that car?" For the most part he speaks pretty clearly but sometimes he says things that other people don't understand.

Personality: Leo is generally pretty happy, a bit stubborn and likes to push boundaries. He can be quite mischievous, getting himself into trouble whether it's climbing furniture he shouldn't climb or playing in the flour in the pantry, playing in my makeup or dumping Moroccan hair oil all over the bathroom. Don't you dare turn your eyes for a moment or he will be into something for sure! He is a huge mama's boy which hopefully won't be a problem when the new baby comes!

Teething: All 20 teeth are in! He has had a couple dentist check ups and cooperates fairly well. He likes brushing his teeth but we always have to help him.

Likes: Cars and dinosaurs are his favourite! He likes watching Paw Patrol. He enjoys reading books but you have to be careful he doesn't rip them. He likes to colour for a short time. He enjoys playdoh but he also tries to eat it. He likes going for walks and playing in the backyard in the snow. Cuddling. His big sister!

Dislikes: Being told no. Time outs. Being hungry and not allowed to have a snack all the time. When you give him the wrong colour plate or cutlery. Potty training. Wearing socks in the house.

Misc: Leo is the sweetest little boy who loves his family! He has his tantrum moments over the silliest things that I can't help but laugh at. He is excited for the new baby this spring but I don't think he fully understands at all what that means. He is going to be a great big brother once he gets over sharing mommy!

It's hard to believe Leo is already 3! I remember him as a baby so vividly that it seems impossible time has gone by so quickly. He really is a lot of fun and has brought so much joy to our lives.

Happy Birthday buddy! 
You are the best little guy ever! 
We love you lots! 

Mommy, Daddy and Audrey


  1. Happy birthday Leo! I cannot believe his is three! I feel like all the kids were just babies a month ago!

  2. Aw I love this recap! Such a handsome boy! SO blond! I swear our babies were just born!! So unfair! Can't wait to celebrate with him!

  3. Happy Birthday Leo!!! Boys and potty training... no fun! Noah is pretty good most of the time, but will have the odd accident! He does better in pull ups than undies, because the smallest dribble on his undies would discourage him. Love the three sign - gimme more details on that please!!

  4. Happy (belated) birthday, Leo!

    Sully hates wearing socks in the house too, and therefore he's always barefoot. Even when his feet feel like icicles to me, he assures me they aren't cold lol. Do you guys close Leo's bedroom door at night? I'm just wondering how it will work to keep Sully in his room once he's out of this crib...he insists on the door being open when he sleeps.


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