Wednesday, February 15, 2017

~Our Valentine's Day~

We've always celebrated Valentine's Day since we started dating. We usually do something low-key but meaningful. Hubby makes me a nice dinner, and we exchange handmade cards. We've never gone out for dinner on actual Valentine's Day and I tell him to not spend inflated prices on flowers for me.

Now that we have children, Valentine's Day has taken a backseat. Both their birthdays are in February so usually I am too busy planning their birthday party and special days to decorate for Valentine's. Hopefully next year I'm more organized? They are constantly bringing home fun art from preschool/dayhome so it would be nice to display them.

I did remember to buy Valentine's cards for Audrey to take to preschool and the kids to take to the dayhome. Audrey picked out these ones that you create yourself- to be expected for my little crafter! She wrote her name on all of them and drew something special for each schoolmate.

She brought home this piece of art from preschool- for the new baby! So sweet!

Valentine's Day this year fell in the middle of my "10 day Sugar Free Challenge" (more on that to come) so while I received all these treats from my co-workers, including one that said I was the cutest pregnant woman ever (yes, I cried!), I didn't eat any of it!

I did cheat slightly on my sugar free challenge because my Glucose Tolerance test (for Gestational Diabetes screening) was scheduled for Valentine's Day and I had to drink probably the sugariest drink of my life in 5 minutes! At least it was cold and it tasted like McDonald's orange drink so I didn't mind. However,  I did have a sugar crash about 30 minutes later!

We decorated a bit for Valentine's Day- the kids made some handprint art at the Dayhome and I put together a message on the Light Box.

The kids also dressed in red but I forgot to take a picture of them! I didn't even get them anything special for Valentines because they got a big goodie bag from the dayhome, plus stuff that Audrey got the day before at Preschool. And it's not like they need anymore sugar!

Hubby had bought me some flowers on the weekend before which are perfect!

He also made me a super sappy card (made me cry!) and gave me a small amount of chocolate which I still haven't eaten!

I put together some cheesy notes for him- I forgot to take a picture so here was my inspiration picture from a friend! I opted to skip the sweets since we are trying to reduce our sugar intake. Instead his toque I had made conveniently came in the mail in time so I also gave him that.

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? 


  1. Aw I love Audrey doing her Valentines! I used to love doing that! SO cute. Looks like you guys had a great Valentines. J and I have never celebrated it. I do think it's fun for the kids though so love doing fun things for them!

  2. We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day either. We talked about going out for dinner since my sister was here to babysit Sully, but I really just couldn't be bothered lol. I love the notes you made for his treats! I need to remember this for next year :)


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