Monday, March 13, 2017

Back to Reality!!

Our amazing winter escape to Phoenix is over and it's back to real life this week. Cold, snow, coats, pants...

I'll share more about our fun trip later but here are some of the things I miss and don't miss about vacation!

What I Miss

- Sitting in the sun with a coffee or a drink (even if it was virgin), soaking up the rays and reading my book. Finished 2 books while I was away!

- All the grandparent help throughout the day and night! Their room was closer to the kids room so we couldn't actually hear the kids at night so they got up with them a few times. So grateful!!

- Not cooking or prepping meals! Between eating out, my in-laws cooking or hubby cooking, I didn't make dinner once! This is huge since this is my least favourite parenting job. Or adulting job... And being able to eat outside with a gorgeous Phoenix sunset was lovely!

- Sleeping in! I definitely caught up on my sleep while the other early risers entertained the kids in the morning.

- Target visits!! I only managed 1 trip to Target this time and I wanted to buy all the things!! If only I could pack the entire home section in my suitcase! I miss you Target!!

How cute is this water bottle?

I bought this hat for $5!! (So $8 Canadian...)

- Doing something fun each day whether it was going to the pool, for a hike, or visiting with family

- Ice Cream! So refreshing on those hot days!

What I Don't Miss

- Having to sleep in a Queen bed! Everyone told me once I had a king bed I'd never want to sleep in a Queen again and they were so right! Especially now that I'm pregnant!

- The kids sharing a room. It wasn't that bad actually but it is nice for them to have their owns beds and space again.

- Having to share a vehicle. We could have rented a car but for the most part didn't really feel like we needed to. Sharing a car just meant a lot of coordinating, especially when all 6 of us wanted to go somewhere since my in-laws SUV only seats 5 people so we had to make sure another friend/relative could pick a couple of us up.

- Sweating! I'm not complaining about the heat, but I did end up getting a bit of a heat rash and that was annoying. I'm glad I won't be pregnant in the summer!

- My own space. I'm a home body and as hospitable and amazing as my in-laws are, after awhile I start to miss home.

What do you miss the most when coming back from vacation? 
What don't you miss?


  1. Can you believe I did not even open my book on holidays?! How??
    We ALL shared a room on holidays and it was nto ideal but not near as bad as the thought it is. lol
    Like you I start to miss home when I am way too, my own bed, food, space etc.

  2. You do vacation like me! Haha. Yes, someone else get up with my kids...someone else cook me dinner...haha! But seriously, if grandparents are there, you bet I will "use" them ;)
    Is it bad that one of the biggest things I'm looking forward to for when we go to Florida, is going to Target?! Jim thinks I'm crazy, but I cannot wait. What all did you buy?? Seeing all there home stuff makes me so sad though. I want to drive to the closest one and pack my vehicle with it all! LOL.
    We have to all share a room when we are in Florida...which is going to be interesting now that there's four of us. I'm thinking of offering to put Sully on the cot in my in-laws room, haha!! ;)

  3. Sounds like an amazing time!! Oh I miss Target and that heat would have felt amazing!! I am so glad you guys away. Kids sharing a room sucks! We do it at the lake all 4 of us and it's hard.

  4. I didn't read in my vacay at all... I brought two books, apparently I was hopeful, not that I like reading haha. I'm happy to know we can get away with a studio appartmeny for vacay now that we have done it, but that doesn't mean I want to do it again! Traveling where there is grandparents is handy!
    I miss TargeT!! dang!!

  5. I'm impressed on how you limited yourself at Target! I would have gone wild. Though usually when I want to buy a lot of things, they don't have anything I really want


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