Monday, March 6, 2017


We are currently enjoying the sun and heat in Phoenix. We needed this check-out from reality badly!! It's been a busy and hectic few months so it is the perfect time to recharge with family.

Relaxing and having fun in the sun involves...


Lots of reading! I zipped through this book "Happiness for Beginners" in about 2 days. So good. Couldn't put it down! I can read fast when I have the time!


Wearing all the tank tops, shorts and flip flops!! So much more comfortable for this pregnant body!


The kids have been practicing their bike skills- although this borrowed bike for Audrey is too small!


We've spent some time at our friends pool. The kids were so excited to swim and play in the water. We will hopefully get more pool time in later this week when Leo starts to feel better. He's come down with a cold and an off-and-on fever :(


We are taking almost daily walks around the pathways- at any hour of the day!


Audrey went over to another relative's house nearby to pick oranges, lemons and tangelos. We've been having daily freshly squeezed orange juice and lemon juice! It's so good!


These two have been loving all the outdoor time- chasing bubbles, playing in the water fountain, or playing hockey with pool noodles!


We've been out hiking near Lake Pleasant- lots of cactus and wild flowers to see! They had a lot of rain a couple weeks ago so it is so incredibly green here! And prickly!

Yellow poppies

She had to check out all the flowers along the way!


The big thing to do around here is golf and hubby was sure to get a round in!

We still have lots more planned while we are down here! We are definitely getting lots of relaxing in and it's so helpful to have amazing grandparents to help out with the kids.


  1. Sounds amazing!!! I am jealous. This week is supposed to be COLD and snowy so enjoy!!

  2. Your vacation looks amazing so far!! I am glad you are getting some relaxing in :)

  3. I cannot believe how green it was there! Enjoy the sun!!

  4. A little late but you guys couldn't have picked a better week to be away for! Also, so glad you enjoyed that book!


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