Monday, March 20, 2017

~Weekend Recap~

This gorgeous weekend started off with a fun visit with Brie, Sully and Emmy on Thursday. The kids played so well together and Brie and I were able to get a good visit in.

Audrey and Leo practiced their big sibling skills on Miss Emmy. They were pretty fascinated with her so hopefully they will like our new baby!

I'm hoping our baby sleeps as well as Emmy!! Such a doll--  cooing, smiling and then falling asleep in my arms!

I practiced my "mom of 3" skills and I'm slightly terrified. How am I going to grate cheese with a baby in my arms? I so hope this baby is as easy going as my last two (and Miss E) so I have a hope in surviving this gig!

Thanks Brie for letting me snuggle your girl!

Leo skipped his nap so we went to the park and for a walk in the afternoon since it was so nice out!

After dinner, we went for a bike ride. I love daylight savings now!! So nice to have the sun out later!

Friday we worked on some St. Patrick's Day crafts and birthday cards for Daddy's upcoming birthday. I'm a terrible Irish girl and didn't wear any green but the kids did!

Leo conked out in the car after preschool drop off. We had to stop at two Starbucks drive thrus to get my Friday treat since the first one was closed and Leo didn't want to go into the store! Making up for skipping his nap yesterday!

After preschool, Audrey worked on this kitty pillow that she received for her birthday. She's a serious crafter!

Leo has been extra cuddly lately. I'm sure he is sensing the upcoming change. I'm not complaining!

We promised Audrey a new pedal bike for her birthday so we headed to Bow Cycle to pick one out Saturday morning after dance class. I tried looking on Kijiji but didn't find anything and Canadian Tire didn't have much of a selection right now either.

She needed a 20" bike that still had pedal brakes. We pulled this one out for her to try for size. At first she resisted- didn't want the green but we told her she there were other colours to choose from, just not on display. Well she tried it and fell in love-- with the bright green! We tried to convince her to get the pink, or teal or grey or yellow one but nope, she wanted the green one that matched Grandpa's bike.

Truthfully, I'm not thrilled about the colour but she LOVES it and had a huge smile on her face when she got on it outside with the training wheels. Hubby reminded me that this will be the first of many decisions she makes that I don't 100% agree with. She wins.

My sister and I had our afternoon spa date that we gift each other for Christmas. My prenatal massage was heavenly and my toes are so sparkly! We love going to Riverside Spa to be pampered.

Afterwards we went to Bazille for dinner. It was the perfect sister-date!

Sunday morning was a quiet one. Hubby went to workout while the kids and I had breakfast and... did more crafts! When he got back, I had a nail appointment.

Hubby had a meeting in the afternoon so while Leo had "quiet time" in his room, Audrey and I cleaned out some drawers in my bathroom. I let her play in some old makeup and it was quite entertaining seeing her put eye shadow on!

After a workout, I gave up on Leo napping and we headed outside for a bike ride. The sun was shining but the wind was chilly so we bundled up.

Audrey is so pumped about her new bike! She's still getting the hand of it and is a bit cautious (like her mama). At least I have a hope of keeping up to her!

This guy is crazy on his bike! He burned a hole through his running shoe going super fast and then braking! He also bailed pretty hard on a hill and didn't even bat an eye. Fearless!! He's going to give me a heart attack one of these days!

The rest of the day was pretty quiet... laundry, dinner, cleaning up, etc. I started watching Scandal so at least that makes laundry more exciting! 

I also have 4 books to read in the next 3 weeks so I better get on that! No more late nights browsing the internet! I'll be reading instead!

Another busy week ahead! Can't believe we are well into the last half of March!! 


  1. I love DLS time too for longer days! Especially working all day then at least we might get out before bedtime for a bit.
    Avery wanted to ride her bike so bad on Saturday but there was ice in front of the shed so we could not get it out.
    Your cheese comment made me laugh!

  2. LOVE DLS time! SO nice! You guys were busy!! Love all the outside time. I lol'd at her your comments on her choosing a green bike! ha Delainey would choose orange right now! You'll be a pro with 3 kids in no time!

  3. Sounds like a good week/weekend! Can all of our babies be like Emmy? :)


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