Monday, March 27, 2017

~Weekend Recap~

We had the best weekend to end March, even if I'm in shock that this month is almost over!

Rewinding to Tuesday, it was hubby's birthday! He requested a carrot cake with cream cheese icing. I thought about attempting to make it myself but thought better and bought a perfectly sized cake at Sunterra. Low stress and it was delicious!

Audrey was very intent on helping put the candles on and light it.


And yes, he turned 9 ;)

We made a scavenger hunt for him to find his present, which the kids enjoyed probably as much or more than he did! The kids decorated his wrapping paper which included a lot of a heart, Paw Patrol and dinosaur stickers!

He received a sous vide machine which cooks meat with a precise temperature in a water bath. He's pretty excited about his new "toy" and has already used it a couple times.

Thursday was a busy day! I had my first midwife centering session in the morning so the kids went to the dayhome. Right after that I had another ultrasound to check the baby's growth since Leo was a little peanut. Baby is measuring perfectly and doing just fine.

I think the baby looks like both Audrey and Leo! Maybe a bit more like Leo.

I took advantage of a couple child-free hours and ran some errands before picking them up to go to the dentist. 

These two were absolute rockstars and let the dentist clean their teeth and do fluoride without a bit of hesitation or protest.  I'm so relieved that the dentist is starting out to be a positive experience for them. 

Afterwards we went for dinner at Milestones.

Friday we had chiro appointments and made a trip to Costco. I'm slowly learning my lesson that Costco trips on the weekend is not worth the extra hands. The kids are a bit disappointed that they weren't handing out samples though.

Preschool drop off usually leads to Leo passing out in the van. I'd be lying if I said I didn't appreciate the break.

I can't even remember what I did on Friday night- probably caught up on some episodes of Scandal since I'm finally getting around to watching it. So far I LOVE it!!

Saturday after dance, Miss A and I ran a few errands before stopping at Starbucks for a treat.

She gets more grown up with every day- I almost can't stand it!

That afternoon, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law took the kids for a sleepover! Audrey had been asking for awhile so we finally coordinated schedules. They were so excited to see them and of course we were excited for some quiet time!

In lieu of a dinner out, hubby decided he wanted to try his new sous vide machine. He made a delicious cod dinner and we ate in the dining room. It was our first meal together alone in the new house!

We went for a nice walk along the ridge and watched a couple episodes of Scandal.

Sunday morning we went for brunch at OEB. I had heard great reviews, but that it wasn't totally child friendly so this was the perfect opportunity for us to go. We went to the downtown location.

Wow- the food was amazing!! Hubby said it was the best brunch he has ever had which says a lot since he's such a food snob! We would definitely go back!

We walked over to Market Collective to check it out. I always enjoy checking out these small markets but there never seems to be enough time on the weekends.

I found this unique necklace by Amanda Parker. It's a ball of pink wire.

We also picked up this neat mountain shelf for the living room mantle from Needle and Pine.

The kids came back in the afternoon. I wasn't feeling so great (forgot my diclectin the night before) so I napped while Leo napped.

We had an early supper so afterwards we went for a bike ride/walk to the store to get ice cream! Audrey was still a bit nervous to ride her bike but she cruised down the hill like it was nothing! She just needs to strengthen her legs and get over her fear.

Hubby spent a lot of the weekend building stuff in the garage and making me some shelves for the storage room in the basement. Now I can finally unpack a bunch of boxes with extra kitchen and entertaining stuff. I "might" get the extra bedroom/storage organized before baby comes!

It was a perfect weekend of productivity and relaxing. It's spring break for Audrey this week which is a nice break from routine, without going away somewhere.

Where is your favourite brunch spot?


  1. I really like Browns, it is close to us and always good!
    Ok so I am eyeing up some new furniture in your pics I think, share! haha. I want a new kitchen set.
    Glad the dentist went well. I had such a bad experience as a kid and it scared me until I was mid 20's - no joke! So I take my girls every 6 months to avoid that lol
    I am trying to teach Avery to ride an bike and wow it is hard and she gives up so easily :(

  2. What an awesome weekend! That brunch place sounds awesome, I will have to remember it! And I've been wanting one of those mountain shelves forever, I just have no where for it to go!! It will look great on your mantle.


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