Wednesday, April 19, 2017

~Baby N#3: 33-34 Weeks~

How big is Baby N#3?

 Baby is the size of a mid-century modern hanging lamp. Ok... another comparison is a butternut squash which is a little more relatable to me than a light fixture! Baby is about 17 inches long and 4.73lbs. Baby is also growing fingernails now!

It's getting tight in there so less movement except in the evening or when I lie down and baby goes crazy.

How I'm feeling?
I'm definitely feeling the 3rd trimester. No major aches or pains but if I sit/lay for too long then I'm super stiff when I get up. If I walk too long then I feel pulling in my lower ligaments. So no complaints in how I feel physically since I'm not in any pain but I definitely feel slow!

Baby is still breech so I'm dealing with what that might potentially mean however we do have couple weeks for baby to turn on it's own before we consult with an OB. Apparently history does repeat itself.

Starting to get some pregnancy insomnia. A big part is the breech factor on my mind a lot. I also nap a lot on the weekends- it's tiring growing a human.

Zero. I'm too tired mentally and physically in the evenings. Trying to get outside for walks with the kids when the weather is decent. 

Officially setting my maternity leave date so only a couple more weeks of work to go!

Easter was a lot of fun with the kids- even the baby got a basket and gift from the Easter bunny! ;)

Looking Forward to?
Maternity photos this week with Whitney! Fingers crossed the weather cooperates so it isn't too cold/rainy for our session.
We also have our Active Birthing Class with the midwives this week. It's definitely getting closer and more real that another baby will be here soon! Exciting yet terrifying!

Baby Purchases & Projects?
I spent a good chunk of the weekend washing and organizing tiny baby clothes and linens. Made a few lists of things I still need to get so hopefully in the next 2 weeks I can do that.

Pulled out all my nursing bras and tanks and comfy post partum clothes. Not looking forward to this part where nothing fits and everything has to be breastfeeding friendly. Good thing the cute baby makes up for it.

My next thing to do is start packing the hospital bag.

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  1. Now I am going to stalk you for maternity photos!! haha
    I cannot believe you are almost done work. Did this pregnancy fly by for you?

  2. I can't believe how close you are! You look fabulous :)
    I need to email you so we an catch up


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