Monday, April 3, 2017

~Weekend Recap: Spring Break Edition~

Last week was spring break which didn't really mean too much for me since I was still working my regular 3 days but Audrey wasn't in school. It also meant that some of my teacher/school friends were off so we could actually plan play dates!

Thursday I met my friend and her daughter, C, at Bow Habitat Station. She is a teacher so it's hard for us to coordinate schedules to get together so we planned this well in advance!

We went to Bow Habitat Station last summer but we didn't spend as much time in the Discovery Centre due to time. 

They had an excellent program together for the kids. They had to do this obstacle course to show how bees pollinate flowers.

They have a lot of wildlife exhibits, information on the environment, the ecosystems, etc. It was super informative, even for me!

The highlight was definitely touring the fish hatchery and feeding the rainbow trout!

They had a craft room where the kids could make dragon flies. And get glitter everywhere...

They were quite fascinated with the anatomy of a fish- even if they thought the spine was it's teeth!

Fish puzzles were a hit.

I highly recommend checking out the Bow Habitat Station if you are looking for something fun and relatively inexpensive to do. We will definitely return in the summer so the kids can fish and have a picnic in the park.

 Friday morning we met up with Alison, Delainey and Ryder in East Village to check out some playgrounds. I love a good playground with a rubber surface!

The kids played a mean game of "Peek-a-boo" with Ryder while Alison got our caffeine fix at Phil and Sebastians.

We walked to the other side of the bridge to throw some rocks into the water-- but the river was still frozen. That didn't stop the kids from throwing rocks anyway!

Or climb all over them like mountain goats!

Further along was a huge hill that the kids rolled down.

Or bum scooted...

On the other side of the hill was another playground which I refer to as a 'death trap'. A couple of the slides are rocket launchers- Leo flew past me at the bottom and landed on his chest. Ouch! Then he almost fell to his death climbing a long-- thankfully I was right there and caught him.

The kids loved it, even if they were filthy afterwards.

Saturday Audrey had dance and I finished my book- The Morning Miracle! It was so good- I ended up ordering it online so I have a copy for myself to reference. I'm definitely going to start implementing the habits that he suggests. Might be slightly ambitious with a newborn on the way but I think it will help me be more productive and reduce stress.

We went to our friends' house for lunch and a playdate-- the same friends we went to the Bow Habitat with! We are making up for all the lack of visits the rest of the time!

Leo was loving having A teach him all about dinosaurs, numbers, and shapes. Teachers tools!

We took the kids for a long walk which completely exhausted them (and me). Their daughter fell asleep in her Dad's arms on the way back and Leo was so close to crashing himself! Needless to say they fell asleep on the way home, at 5pm! 

They didn't even wake up when we carried them inside to the couch!

Rather than worry about it, we had a fun movie and popcorn night. We watched Moana which was great!

The kids didn't go to bed until after 10pm, as expected with their long nap.  

Sunday we didn't have plans which was nice. It snowed so our hopes to go for a bike ride were dashed. Hubby had some projects to work on in the garage and I had exciting things to do around the house... like laundry.

I figured out a way to keep Leo occupied while I get ready-- he loves the 'funny faces' on Snapchat, as he calls them! So I set up my phone and he is entertained by the different filters!

Leo and I planned to run a couple quick errands before lunch but turns out the store I needed to go to didn't open until noon. Oops! Instead we went to the mall to pick something up at Sephora and have lunch. It's not too often that I just have Leo so it was a nice Mommy-Son date!

He saw this dinosaur structure and was enthralled with it! He was so excited to see a dinosaur in the mall!

After nap he played with his dinosaur magnets while Audrey worked on her lego. Perfect indoor activities!

My Mom came over for dinner and a visit which was a great way to end a busy weekend!

Now for another busy week-- one which hopefully includes me finishing gathering tax info, going to bed early, and finishing a book in 5 days before it's due back at the library!


  1. Sounds like you and the kids had a good couple days off together! I've never been to the bow habitat station- may have to check it out!

  2. What a fun few days with friends!! Thanks for the date. Death trap for sure, we will skip that one next! ha That bow habitat looks so neat, we will have to check it out for sure!! I love solo dates with the kids!


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