Monday, May 22, 2017

~Baby N #3: 39 Weeks~

How big is Baby N#3?

Baby is the size of a beach ball! That feels fairly accurate!! I definitely feel like I have a giant ball in my belly! Baby is approximately 19.75 inches long and 7.25 lbs.

Baby has been moving around a lot this week! Which is kind of uncomfortable feeling at this point. I can feel it skimming its limbs along my hip bones, feet are sticking out the side, lots of cervix punches. Maybe it's trying to escape!

How I'm feeling?
I really can't complain. Other than my belly feeling heavy and my body is sore/tired after a lot of walking, I feel great. I am ready to meet the baby but I'm also not at the desperate "get this baby out of me" stage that so many women experience. I feel very lucky that I feel this good this far along. I also think it helps that I'm off work so 3 days a week I genuinely get a good break and can go at my own pace. 

On one hand, I am so excited to meet the baby but I'm also a bit sad that I won't ever be pregnant again and anticipating a new baby of my own again. This pregnancy went by so quickly-- had lots of good moments and a few that I could have done without (never ending morning sickness and the breech situation) but in the end it is all worth it and I'm just grateful to have had this opportunity again and to be having a healthy baby.

Pregnancy insomnia is starting to kick in a bit. I wake up a lot more either because it takes so much effort to roll over, I am too hot or I have to pee. I did have some contractions one night that I thought might be something but just some false labour.

Hubby has been turning on some meditation app at night that quickly puts us both to sleep.

I've also been napping during the day often. I find by mid afternoon I'm ready to recharge- especially if I've done a lot of walking in the morning.

It was an uneventful week which is nice for once! Spending lots of time with the kids and having 6 days mostly to myself has been a nice break. I feel completely ready for the baby, other than some nerves about having another child to care for! 

Looking Forward to?
Absolutely meeting this baby! 

Baby Purchases & Projects?
The crib has been set up in our room. A lot of to-do items have been checked off my list so I feel ready for baby to come but I'm also not in a huge rush either. I'm enjoying time with our family of 4, some me-time, and the gorgeous weather. I know this baby will come when it's ready.

Baby Bump

39 weeks exactly

** Since I usually post these updates a week behind, I am officially 40 weeks today!! Full term baby!! A month ago I didn't think I would make it to this day (with all the breech drama) so I am happy to have reached this milestone on baby's time!


  1. I'm not quite at the get out of me stage yet either. Some days yes, but for the most part no

  2. You look amazing!!! And pasted your due date! So crazy. A beach ball for sure! Glad you are getting some rest and quiet time.


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