Friday, May 12, 2017

~Baby N #3: Family Maternity Photos~

Pregnancy is such an amazing experience for which I am beyond grateful that I have had the opportunity to experience 3 times! I am so lucky that for the most part my body is able to handle pregnancy well and despite some persistent morning sickness (thank you diclectin!) this 3rd time around, I feel pretty good physically. 

It's a pretty unbelievable experience to watch and feel your body grow another human being. While there have been some moments of anxiety over my changing body, especially since I have not been able to stay as active this pregnancy, I can honestly say that I feel most beautiful while pregnant. 

I was excited when Whitney agreed to take our photos again! She always manages to get stunning photos amidst the chaos of chasing after children and them sometimes just not wanting to cooperate. 

We took the photos just before I was 36 weeks pregnant, at the end of April. We've never had photos done at this time of the year so I was a bit unsure of how the weather would be and what it would look like outside given early spring in Calgary.

We almost postponed the photos the day of because it had been raining and it might be extra muddy but the future forecast didn't look much better so I figured we would just roll with it. 

The weather gods listened and we were treated to an absolutely gorgeous evening!

I split the photos into two posts because I literally couldn't pick just a few to share. 

This is all about the family. Soon to be 5!!

Not a clue how I am going to narrow it down to just a few to frame!


  1. Beautiful photos. I love your outfit.

  2. Love them all!! That dress!!! Beautiful Mama!! How will you even pic which one to frame??

  3. I love your photos! And the light in them through the trees is so beautiful :) Having to pick what to print and frame is always so hard.

  4. You totally lucked out on the weather! These are stunning! I have no idea how you will choose! ha


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