Monday, May 15, 2017

~Mother's Day Weekend~

My ultimate goal the last couple of weeks was to make it to Audrey's preschool Mother's Day Tea last Wednesday! I didn't want the baby to come until after that day as I was so excited for the tea and I would have been disappointed to miss it.

Thankfully baby did not come so I was treated to the most special afternoon with my sweet girl!

Beautiful artwork at each of our place settings.

She knows me well ;) Especially my age!

This will be a great jewellery holder! She even knew my favourite colour!

Beautiful table setting with tea, cookies and juice!

Before the kids came in they showed a slideshow of each child saying why they loved their mother. Audrey said she loves me because I'm beautiful!

Each class put on a performance for the moms- either a song and/or poem. So cute!

She was pretty excited to sit with me and have tea! And cookies with sprinkles!

Audrey and her class

My sweet girl!

Saturday morning we decided to head to Banff for the day-- one of our last outings as a family of 4! The weather looked a bit iffy so we packed enough rain gear for a tsunami but it ended up being pretty nice out, although a bit chilly.

The kids loved the drive to the mountains. Leo pointed out his favourite car every 5 minutes and Audrey kept asking if we were in the mountains yet.

After lunch in Canmore, we headed to Cave and Basin which we thought would be fun for the kids. Didn't take Leo long to spot the old car.

The kids got these neat tattoos.

Inside the cave. The kids were quite fascinated with it.

Another old car for Leo to check out.

We walked along the boardwalk to the marsh area.

Looking for wildlife through the binoculars. No chance of seeing anything with all the noise these two made!

We did see a garter snake in the marsh! Apparently they are quite rear in the area because of the cool mountain climate.

Seriously, how beautiful is this place?

We drove maybe 10 minutes from Cave and Basin to downtown to find parking and this kid falls asleep, at 5pm! Not ready to drop his nap!

He slept for about 30 minutes while we walked around looking for a place to eat. Of course, the day we don't bring the stroller...

Watching the fudge store make all the goodies was quite entertaining. We watched fudge be made, candy apples be dipped and fudge squares dipped into chocolate.

A trip to Banff isn't complete without some fudge-- Audrey picked a M&M covered candy apple.

We ate dinner at Park Distillery, which I had eaten at in December while on a work retreat. It was pretty good, although the kids portions were huge. They could have shared one order of grilled cheese! Next time I go, I need to be able to sample the cocktails menu though!

Sunday was Mother's Day. While I slept in, these two made me special cards.

We went to the Ranchman's Club for Mother's Day Brunch which was so delicious!! The kids, especially Audrey, were so excited to get dressed up!

The food at the club is spectacular every time and it did not disappoint on Mother's Day. I only wish I had more room to eat more of it-- this belly makes it hard to eat big meals these days!

I actually enjoyed this egg benedict and I don't usually like eggs!

The kids ate so well!

The desserts were so good! I wish I could have tried them all.

There were a few supervised crafting areas set up for the kids. So while we enjoyed a quiet coffee and dessert, the kids crafted some Mother's Day art work.

Team work making a bead necklace for Mama!

It was the best weekend! Luckily my family does a great job of showing me how much they appreciate me often but it's always nice to have a special day where I didn't have to cook, or clean and they showered me with homemade gifts and love! 


  1. Awe glad you got to spend that time with Audrey :)
    You guys looked great for brunch! I thought about requesting brunch out but decided Starbucks since it was easier to just do that - haha
    Happy belated Mother's Day!

  2. What an awesome weekend! I am so glad baby didn't come and you could enjoy this time with Audrey and the family. You must be exhausted today!!

  3. The mother's day event with Audrey looked like fun! Glad baby didn't come so you could attend it. Nice that you guys were able to get out to Banff too- I haven't been in so long!


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