Tuesday, May 23, 2017

~Our May Long Weekend~

Our May Long weekend this year was pretty low key since it was my due date! Didn't want to make too many plans in case baby had already arrived or came partway through.

Audrey had the day off preschool on Friday so we had a a lunch date downtown with Daddy. He took us to Red's Diner which was sooooo good!! I love a good brunch place so we will definitely be coming here again-- especially since they are so accommodating with children.

This is Leo, eating his kale garnish.

Trying to get these two to pose for a picture...

Saturday we headed to the garden store to buy flowers for our front gardens and flower pots.

It was a bit chaotic with these two wanting all the flowers but they helped pick a bunch to plant.

Audrey wants to adopt all the blooms that had fallen on the ground.

Sunday morning we took it easy. The kids did some colouring.

The boys made us waffles-- how it should always be ;)

Then they got to work outside-- planting and then watering.

No surprise that Leo loves to play in the dirt.

I just tried to stop from melting in the sun and heat. I feel for those women who are pregnant in the summer.

That evening after it cooled down, we went for a nice long walk/bike ride for Leo. Maybe a long walk would kick start labour like it did for Audrey? Not this time.

Such a gorgeous evening! I can't get over how beautiful this community is.

Monday morning, Victoria Day we stayed close to home. We enjoyed our backyard from morning to night.

Hubby found and built me a storage bench for the deck so we can store the patio furniture cushions inside.

Or force children to do their homework inside... I swear she did this all on her own. She loves spelling!

My in-laws came over for a visit. We went for another nice walk in Griffith Woods before lunch time.

Who is this teenager and where is my 5 year old?

Colouring with Grandma

We put the men to work on the landscaping.

We didn't have a baby on the weekend but it was good nonetheless! Sometimes it's nice to take it slow and just enjoy being at home rather than rushing around. Something we better get used to once baby #3 comes!

We were so lucky to have such gorgeous weather since many May long weekends that I remember were cold and/or snowy. And to think next May long weekend we will have an almost 1 year old!

Do you have any May long weekend traditions?

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